Our October Tribal Vision Book Giveaway….the winner

for our October Tribal Vision Book Giveaway….

the winner is…..

Vikki Tracy!

Here is what she wrote, in answer to my request to write about something that you learned as an artist and dance in the month of September!

During September,  I haven’t danced even though I have been belly dancing for over 10 years. I have taken a break to find myself, to find nature and to find my dance self again. A 74 yr. old dancer by the name of Marguerite once gave me the advice to find your flexibility! When this society takes from us and we begin to feel it’s rigidness in our spines, take a step back, remember who you are as a dancer and remember your flexibility through this life, through dance. We must be as strong as the trees yet as movable as the reeds in the stream. I am re-learning to be flexible!

So many fantastic responses to this thought provoking comment…Thanks to everyone who participated in the October Book Giveaway, and wrote in their experiences! I so enjoy reading and sharing your comments.

Look for the next book giveaway, coming soon.

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