25th Annual Women’s Dance and Desire Weekend- April 2018




Deadline to register is Wednesday, February 14th!

Paulette Rees-Denis presents

              the 25th Annual  

 Women’s Retreat Weekend

April 26-29th, 2018… 

at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, OR

Dance and Desire:  Transitions

A four-day movement and writing journey

With Paulette Rees-Denis,

Lynea Gillen, Jennifer Strait, and Vanessa Couto

This retreat is for you — four glorious days full of creative feminine expression, we step up more fully into our selves, making transitions into what can be… full on! We play and pray with movement, yoga and healing, journaling, Shamanic Circling, Tribal Grooves, African dance, and Astrological wisdom. We include working with the moon through our transitions, divine self-care practices and moving meditations–the desire of deep diving into your heart, body and soul…thriving on magical time taken for yourself!

Includes time for massages, soaking in spring fed hot pools in the meadow, walking the labyrinth, watching the rapid river surrounded by beautiful deep woods, staying in rustic cabins with all delicious vegetarian meals cooked for you.

With words and movement, reverence and release, we learn tools for transitions as we move forward, infusing and anointing ourselves with the magic of dreaming and desires.

We dance daily ceremony with sweaty wild abandon and sacred feminine sensuality,  vision questing and vision boarding, plus journaling into spaciousness and clarity, ripe with the gift of transition!









and our guest instructors, along with Paulette — your movement motivator!

     Lynea Gillen —  Our Healing Dancing Vibrant Goddess

Jennifer Strait —  Shamanic Healer

and Vanessa Couto — the Astro-Liminal Coach

Join us for our Dance and Desire goddess weekend, 

at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, OR

where we gather, dance, share, listen, write, create, workout, and gain clarity about what we truly desire,  in our bodies and our hearts.

moving, manifesting, infusing

our bodies

our lives

our souls

with the I am

that you truly are

Honor the was

Sweat the Release

Dance into the Magic

Claim the enoughness

Infuse your why

Awaken your desires

Life is a ceremony as we create magic with our bodies and our words…Join us!

I bring you Dance and Desire, with Tribal Grooves® workouts, sessions of journaling our dreams and desires, and lively discussions with our dynamic circle of women … this time for YOU!

Join us…

add luscious outdoor hot tubbing, steamy saunas, great vegetarian meals, relaxing time to hike, walk the labyrinth, nap, visit, get a massage, in the peacefulness of the mountains, and our circle of dancing women.

Join us to dance,

to be nourished and to nourish,

to dream and be dreamed,

to honor and cherish ourselves.

REGISTER Now, get your deposit in to hold your space…

Deadline to register is Wednesday, February 14th!

INFO?  dance@gypsycaravan.us

BEGINS: Thursday dinner  ENDS: Sunday lunch

 Again this year, I am excited to present to you

our Yoga Healing Goddess,

Lynea Gillen


A decades-long proponent of somatic, body-based therapies, Lynea creatively melds dance, yoga, counseling, music, trauma releasing exercises (TRE) and “active play” into her work through her full-time counseling practice.  A loving, committed therapist and communitarian, Lynea is one who lives her values, drawing from her rich personal experience to help others live with less pain and more joy.

and myself, Paulette Rees-Denis, your Tribal Hostess and Movement Motivator!

Paulette Rees-Denis Web-6

Paulette Rees-Denis is a catalyst for feminine celebration, creation, awesomeness and expression.  As a Transformational Lifestyle Coach, author, and Global Dance Instructor, she gets you moving forward with your true spirit and desires using creative and personal tools for transformation and action, and adding a little bit of woo!
Paulette believes we create magic in our everyday lives, by being conscious, aware, and living from the heart. We dance, we move, forward with that beautiful intention, using practical tools, allowing time for our dreams to come into fruition, and use momentum in body and mind to make our life be what we want it to be!
With over 26 years as a creative entrepreneur, coach, and teacher, she has been traveling the globe guiding, innovating, training, networking, and creating in the Art, Life, and Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® world. Her work is about guiding you on your journey: with Movement, Momentum, and Magic, to follow your soul’s desire as you open to your wild spirit and your individual beauty.


Plus the year we add Jennifer Strait, Shamanic Healing, and Vanessa Couto, artist and coach with Astrological Liminal Healing! More info to follow….

Jennifer Strait is a KaTaSee Shaman. She is a counselor, teacher, and restorer of balance. Accessing the ancient tradition of KaTaSee, Jennifer helps her clients work through the seen and unseen obstacles, the perceived stuckness, that makes living a Divine Life so illusive. Once their vision of Who They Really Are comes into focus, there is greater freedom for her clients to see their gifts (medicines), know their unique cosmic signature, and feel their truth. Wherever Jennifer shows up, her gifts of deep listening, language, humor, allowing, and healing are shared fully…often with some Spirit cameos and pendulums. She is thrilled to be coming back for another amazing Breitenbush weekend of Dance & Desire.


Vanessa Couto is an artist, liminal mentor, and podcaster. She’s also considered by her clients their ‘cosmic travel guide’. Through her work, she helps her clients see their journey from a wider perspective, so they move through their threshold experiences with more confidence and alignment. Her toolbox includes archetypal astrology, depth psychology, dream work, and art. The motto she lives by is that we are all midwives to each others’ dreams. www.vanessacouto.com









Dance and Desire—Won’t you join us this year?

 Celebrate– to give yourself the time, the space, the freedom, to quest, to move and groove and shimmy and sweat, to laugh, to let the tears flow, to soak and steam and hike and write, to sit, just sit, with yourself and each other, for the weekend that is your treat, your gift to yourself, and then, allow it to unfold into realness and bliss all around you. wow…. 


What have women said about this annual weekend?

Written up in Fuse Magazine….2014

Immersion Retreat, Tribal Rocks Breitenbush 2014

I have been intending to go to the Tribal Bliss belly dance retreat for years, and in 2014 I finally made it a priority. The 21st annual women’s Tribal belly dance retreat was held in April in its annual location at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon. In addition to Paulette and Lynea, instructors for 2014 also included Cammi Vance (Darshan) and Carol Vance.

Participants stay in cabins along the Willamette River and are invited to dance, meditate, journal, heal through TRE (tension release exercises), soak in the hot springs, and participate in deep discussions and bond with fellow dancers over the three day weekend. We also were treated to delicious vegetarian meals (and I’m a meat eater!), a relaxed performance salon on Saturday and more time in the hot springs, which are so fabulous they deserve a second mention.

To say the weekend was refreshing, rejuvenating and inspiring would be an understatement. Even months after attending, I am still processing all the insight I have gained about dance, health – and life.

Breitenbush Tribal weekend: What is a dream if not a vision of what may become reality? And what is reality to each of us? Desire for community, connection…to women to Earth. A venue to host collective expression. How can one explain the balance, that special energetic flow defining this weekend? Certainly the effort and focus of our leader, her belief in the mystery defining the soil from which we bloom. But there was more…Each woman honoring the others. Each woman sharing the abundance. Each woman being vulnerable enough to share her truth. And each woman allowing flow to lighten her spirit. Breathe in possibility… And exhale LOVE.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! For such a fantastic retreat! I have never felt so rejuvenated 🙂 I loved everything about this experience. Brietenbush is amazing, my new “home away from home”. What an incredible group of ladies you attract! All of the talented instructors and dancers. Wow, I am so inspired and thankful for this opportunity to learn this dance and be surrounded by such lovely people. 

What was your favorite thing about the weekend?

  • My most favorite thing about the weekend was connecting with the other women and discovering that I am not alone in the way I feel sometimes. I wrote in my journal while I was there: “The connectedness of the circle is so affirming. Every woman here is different yet the same. This is comforting to me in a way I didn’t think possible. A community in a way I did not expect. We are shedding old thoughts and ways of being. Becoming more while becoming less.”
  • The feeling of openness, love, ecstasy.
  • me time – dancing, exploring, self care… the lot!
  • being surrounded by empowered women! and dancing.
  • I thought the weekend was a great balance of dance, movement, inner work and inspiration.
  • The Sisterhood of dancing together was the greatest feeling !! And I loved all the new friends I met there. It is difficult to pick just one thing, as I really loved the “Self Care” and the African Dancing (new to me), and was already in love with Tribal Belly Dance.
  • Collaboration with three facilitators.
  • Morning ritual
  • Beautiful location, dancing, being with friends, great food and of course soaking in the tubs.
  • The energy of the space that we hold. The dance, laughter and the tears.
  • Dance jam Saturday night
  • Hard to pick just one thing. Probably the community and sisterhood. I have never experienced anything like it. I felt welcome, encouraged, supported and able to do anything without being judged.
  • Can’t decide – food, dance, friends and soaking!
  • The variety of wonderful instruction, getting to see more of classmates I barely knew, meeting a wonderful new roommate.

What was your least favorite thing about the weekend?

  • When it ended. I could have stayed forever in such a beautiful, spirit-filled place.
  • Leaving!! 🙂 It was so hard to walk away!
  • Wish it was a bit longer.
  • Sunday when it was over.
  • Leaving.
  • That it had to end. 

Would you recommend this retreat to your friends?

  • Absolutely – Beautiful setting, wonderful people, amazing connections and new friends, fabulous Hot Soaking, and our “class time” was just perfect. The teachers, Paulette, Lynea, and Elena were really great !!!!
  • Absolutely. Dance, eat chocolate, soak in hot springs, repeat. What’s not to love?
  • Yes. Inspiration and community. New ideas.
  • Yes! Self-care and connecting with the divine feminine within is extremely important to me. finding a group to rekindle that passion, who takes these concepts seriously and treats them with respect without clouding them in religious dogma, is necessary for my survival. I suspect other likeminded women would appreciate the welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere of this retreat.
  • Absolutely! I have! Apart from the world, without phones, computers, family, work – it’s little bit of heaven! We were doing hard work too – the work we need to do on ourselves, for ourselves, so that we can help lift this world a bit higher.
  • Yes! To my dancer folks for sure. It’s a fabulous way to see the country, be with women who are similar in mind, body and spirit.

The Deets and Particulars

This is a fabulous blend for our weekend of Dance and Desire-add luscious outdoor hot tubbing, steamy saunas, great vegetarian meals, relaxing time to hike, walk the labyrinth, nap, visit, get a massage, in the peacefulness of the mountains, and our circle of dancing women. This retreat just gets stronger and more remarkable every year!

This is for all women, all ages, all sizes, no dance or writing experience necessary!

Included in the weekend fee are all of your delicious vegetarian meals, the various dance, writing, meditation, yoga, and healing classes, groups discussions, time for soaking in geo-thermal hot tubs and sweating in the amazing sauna, your shared rustic and cozy cabin (roommate requests taken but not guaranteed). Daily ceremonies to celebrate our process and journeys. Time for a massage and downtime, relax, reflect, and do the joyful deep work!

And on Saturday night, we have our infamous informal salon where you can show us your stuff—-be it dance, poetry, a song, a story, yourself!

A fabulous long weekend, Breitenbush–here we come!

**This retreat sells out quickly so don’t wait!

 4 days and 3 nights… more special time for you! Time to really arrive into yourself and enjoy the experience…

Retreat starts Thursday night at dinner until Sunday at noon before lunch. (yes, you can come early, just register through Breitenbush)

Breitenbush Hot Springs is a 2 1/2 hour drive south east of Portland, in the mountains. Some people are flying into the Portland airport. You can rent a car at the airport.  If you can offer a ride, please let us know, and we will send it out. Carpooling is a great thing!
Roommate requests gladly taken, but not guaranteed…Please let me know ASAP who you want to room with. Cabins hold 2-3, with a few bunk cabins for 4 gals! You will be assigned roommates. Some cabins have bathrooms and some don’t, see pricing differences. But bathrooms are close by, no problem!

REG & INFO: dance@gypsycaravan.us or www.paulettereesdenis.com BEGINS: Thu dinner ENDS: Sun lunch COST:  cabin with bathroom $697 , bathroom without cabin $647 DEPOSIT: $250.00


REGISTER HERE NOW~Deadline to register is Wednesday, February 14th!

Deposit of $250.00 will hold your spot. Must be paid in full before workshops starts.

You make your own massage appointment through their office. You need to bring your own bedding and towels, or they can be rented for the weekend for a small additional fee — again you need to let me by April 1 if you want to rent bedding and towels. You bring your own coffee and pot to use, and there is a group refrigerator for a small amount of your own labeled food.

Questions? contact Paulette at dance@gypsycaravan.us

A more detailed schedule will be sent out after the holidays. Plus directions, and what else to bring.


*Please note: There are no refunds or exchanges.

So, do join us and make this year the best yet!

As always, I am grateful to have this opportunity to hostess this amazing yearly retreat, and that YOU are here to join in with us for your amazing transition!

with love,


Additional information

Breitenbush Women's Retreat

Deposit cabin with Bathroom, Deposit cabin without Bathroom, Early price after deposit cabin with bathroom pd in full before 1/30/18, Early price after deposit cabin without bathroom pd in full before 1/30/18, Early discount with bathroom cabin paid in full, Early discount without bathroom cabin paid in full, Cabin with Bathroom Paid in Full after 1/30/18, Cabin without bathroom paid in full after 1/30/18, Cabin W/O Bath, final pay after deposit after 1/30/18, Cabin W/Bath, final pay after deposit after 1/30/18


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