Collective Soul Level Two, Online — starts March 20th, 2021!




Collective Soul Level Two, Online — starts March 20th,  2021!

We move into the Intermediate Level One session, work on smoother transitions between moves, refinement of personal style, and variations of tribal styling.

Four weeks of online study with vibrant videos to dance with, delicious audios to listen to and meditate with, PDFs full of journaling prompts and soul searching questions, plus a private online group with dancers from around the globe to meet and share with on the Tribal Bellydance and Lifestyle journey…

Our desire is:

*to see you follow your dreams
*to give you information and instruction
*to teach you dance training, strength training, and body skills
*to assist you in becoming the artist you are/can be
*to give you the tools to further your dance
*to challenge you and to empower you as a dancer
*to honor your body, your spirit, and your mind
*to joyfully bring you together, to network, with other like-minded dancers from
around the globe

We will
* Improve your technique with Level One and Two moves
* Add new dance steps to your repertoire, review and refine the moves you know
* Discuss interpretation and understanding the nuances of music
* Continue work on smooth transitions between steps
* Build your confidence as a dancer, leading and following
* Strengthen your improvisational skills
* Add more zil patterns, and dance with them!
* Review rhythm identification
* Add simple formations to your dance
* Participate in discussions about tribal bellydance artistry.
* Have a great time dancing together as a circle of women, feeling the community spirit of this dance!

* This is your pre-requisite for our Teacher Training Level Two (following in April), and will also allow you to move into Collective Soul Level Three (also to follow), and to continue your empowering dance studies.

* For previously certified dancers and teachers, you may review and rejoin any Collective Soul courses in your level for a nominal fee. Highly recommended, it is a great opportunity for you to strengthen your dance and your bond with all of us!

FAQ about Collective Soul Online, Level TWO

Total course fee:  $469.00

Deposit: $150.00 to reserve your spot

Review: $100.00 (those who are already certified or who need to be retested!)

The course runs for four weeks, one email a week full of many videos (on Vimeo), MP3s, and written info for you to work on all week — on your own time. There is journaling to do, meditations to listen to and do, assorted exercises and drills, and questions to answer and send back to me. Please be familiar with our Tribal Technique DVDs #3 and #4.

Then at the end of each week, we will ask you to do homework and videotape yourself too…  to show us what you are working on that week and how you are doing so that we can help you with what you need! You attach your videos in our private FB group, so we can all participate together, since we are in separate locations. You can always post questions to us too.

**You must be committed to this time frame and allow yourself time to do the work and stay with the weekly requirements! This is of the utmost importance…we all need to stay on the schedule together for the most benefits to be had from this outstanding opportunity!

*You will be assessed at the end of the session, and when you complete the course with approval, you will be certified in Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance® Level Two Collective Soul Tribal Bellydance Certification program!

If you are not ready to be tested at the end of the four/five weeks, you take the time you need and do it when you are ready and when it fits into my schedule…no worries at all! What I expect of you to pass and be certified, is to meet my criteria–which is understanding the moves in your body and your mind, knowing the names, identifying the drum rhythms, playing your finger cymbals, answering the questions sent to you! If you don’t pass the first time around, no worries…you practice on your own time until you are ready to retest (there is a $100 fee for retesting or late testing). Everyone learns at different speeds and I honor that in each of you! Not a problem, I really want you to understand the moves and the dance, because Tribal Rocks! There will be a small fee for retesting.

Does that answer your questions? Let me know if you have more…

Register now!

Make sure you have read Paulette’s book: Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Belly Dance.

Be familiar with Paulette’s Tribal Technique DVDs #3 and #4, and check through some of the online classes too, available for purchase and to download on her websites shopping page. We will send you a listing of steps to help you prepare for the course, along with the applications after you get your deposit in!

Please have the Gypsy Caravan CD, Caravan Rhythms.

You will need:

Dance clothes (no super long or wide legged pants or skirts—I want to see your feet and knees), zils, wear your hair up, your journal and pen, yoga mat if you have one, ipod or computer. A video camera or your phone and a tripod!

Additional information

CS2 Online

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