Dance with me! Tribal Bellydance Winter 2024



NEW CLASSES!  January 2024…

Join us for our weekly Bellydance class, the Global Caravan Tribal Style!

with Paulette Rees-Denis, in person, in Palm Springs and in Palm Desert!

All levels of experience welcome to join our circle, women and men…

Drop ins welcome! Come and dance with our growing circle!



Wednesday mornings, 10 am-11 am, 

New session starts January 3rd for 4 weeks! But come anytime…

 Step by Step Studio in Palm Springs,

316 N. Palm Canyon Dr.


Come and try it out!


and on Monday nights, 6-7 pm, in Palm Desert

starts again January 8th, for 6 weeks!

at Kareem’s Wellness Academy in Palm Desert, 44635 San Rafael (close to 111 off San Pablo, plenty of parking in the lot)


We strengthen our bodies, move to the beat, feel the pulse, and dance in circle. Feeling so good and connected. A dance for community and fun and well being!

“A dance of the soul, a dance to connect to each other, a moving meditation. A dance that unites all cultures, all races, all the women. Basic, tribal, circular, and feminine. Spiraling through the body, a dance that feels good on all bodies of all ages. Safe, gorgeous, physically rewarding. A dance to feel alive, to feel connected within oneself, to be in the moment.

A dance that was all the things, inspired by the ancients, by different healing modalities, within different countries, adding assorted layers of a multicultural mish-mash of fabrics and stylings and gracefully laden baubles and beads and tassels. A romantic notion of wandering gypsies, of gathering tribes, circles of expression, the traveling caravans of yesteryear combined with the life of today, the past made modern, reflections of made-up visions of barefoot stomping down dirt roads taking over city streets, with heartbeat rhythms of drums and wailing zurnas and swaying melodies to move the heart.”

Paulette has been a global dance leader and innovator for over 30 years, traveling the world, teaching, performing, coaching, and creating tribes of artisitic expression, well being, community, and the joy of being alive in our bodies!

Tribal Vision: a Celebration of Life Through Tribal Bellydance

Tribal Vision belly dance book

is one of her books published, this being about the dance, the history, the community, and the joy of life with moving our bodies… available on Amazon

Additional information

Bellydance Class

four week session at Step by Step, drop in, first class Oct. 4 free, six week session at Kareem's, first class Oct 9 free


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