Late Summer Session: A Journaling Exploration into Your Divine Feminine Sensuality



Late Summer Series 
The Unfolding and Awakening the Body’s Stories–
A Journaling Exploration into
Your Divine Feminine Sensuality


From the Body to the Page
-A Transformative Journaling Class

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth with

The Unfolding and Awakening the Body’s Stories” –

a transformative journaling class designed to help you connect with your inner wisdom, your body, and your Divine Feminine Sensuality.

6 weeks throughout the late summer!

In this class, you will learn powerful journaling techniques and practices to:

  • Uncover your deepest thoughts, feelings, and desires
  • Gain clarity on your own body love
  • Step into your feminine divinity and own it
  • Heal emotional wounds and cultivate self-love
  • Enhance your creativity and intuitive guidance
  • Have fun with your word magic

Through guided journaling sessions, interactive exercises, and mindful reflection, you will discover the power of your own words and thoughts to shape your reality.

This class is a virtual sacred space where you can be fully seen, heard, and celebrated.

And honor each other in our sacred circle.

Whether you are a seasoned journaler or just starting to write, These zoom classes are a safe, sacred, and nurturing environment where you can explore your inner landscapes, gain insights, and find the inspiration to write and create your new stories.

Plus you get inspiration and support from me, as your coach, and from each other- these are invaluable connections!

Class Details:

6-week online journaling class includes

  • Weekly guided journaling sessions and interactive exercises
  • Supportive and inspiring community
  • Get journaling prompts, poetry ramblings, time for sharing, and allowing yourself to write
  • Make sacred space for yourself once a week in our virtual circle
  • And a private FB group page for our class

Secure your spot in and embark on a transformative journaling journey.

About me:
Paulette Rees-Denis is a certified lifestyle creativity coach, global dance and movement teacher, inspirational speaker, world traveler, a 4x book author and poet. She has a Master’s in Publishing and Writing, continues to teach writing programs, leads global women’s retreats, runs a global dance company, and is a healer and a spiritual guide.

With over 35 years of experience in performance, management, and personal growth, she is passionate about empowering others to connect with their inner wisdom and create a life they love. And she loves to help others use their words to create their own magic!


What past writers have said about being in class with me!

“I can truly say this group has become lifeblood. It is a safe environment to play with words, share, listen, and be inspired by like-minded writers. It’s a competition-free zone of laughter, creativity, openness, and sometimes tears; ALL healing. My writing has come a long way and so has my ability to listen and connect. Whether you are a dabbler, light journaler, or avid writer your passion will thrive here.” – Lauren S.

“Paulette will give you the best insight into your writing. I absolutely enjoy working with her and finding my voice in the words on the page. She has given me the courage to write from the heart and open my mind to the possiblilty of words. If you long to create a regular journaling passion, this course is for you. From beginners to the most experienced writers, everyone can benefit from Paulette and her encouragement, love, and strength to bring out the best in you!” – Heather D.

Tuesdays, 3-4:30PM PST, on Zoom,
August 13th – September 17th

All classes are recorded if you have to miss one, or want to relisten in!


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