From Chaos to Creativity- New Mastermind



Now is your time to step into your Creative Zone of Genius

Move from Chaos to Creativity–

 a mastermind gathering

with Paulette 

 5 weeks to step into

your creative feminine abundance!

Tuesdays, starting September 8th

From Chaos to Creativity is the beginning of your new journey to create structure and get clear on your artistic niche.

This Mastermind is a virtual in-person weekly gathering, or the online DIY course is like taking me home with you to help you get structure, assorted tools, and some kick-ass discipline so you can gain clarity for what’s next and what you need and want, your creative desires!

You will learn about energy and time managing with a daily self-care plan, how to do some mindset shifting, while mixing the woo with the practical-spiritual, physical and emotional breakthroughs. That ‘s what I’m all about as your coach- going deep and having fun! Life is an adventure…

Based on the five principles in my new book:

From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance:

Find Fulfillment and Abundance with Your Art


From Chaos to Creativity!

Your new Creativity Mastermind LIve

is meeting weekly with me with an intimate and glorious gathering of other like-minded creatives to meet and network with, plus all the inspiration and tools I give you and a private online place for all of us to connect.

Tuesdays, starting September 8th, 1:00 PST ( on Zoom) for five weeks,….  and you get all the videos, pdfs, audios, and bonus gifts,  plus one-hour long private coaching session during the gathering. Only $425.00 for our five weeks together!


It’s time for you to step up and show up, to fill yourself up with all your soulful dreams! Make those changes. You will get the tools, on every level-physical, spiritual, and practical, with the inspiration to create and activate that satisfying new creative vision!  Fulfill your new goals.

  • You will feel into all your possibilities…
  • You can overcome your obstacles
  • Expedite your skills
  • Network with like-minded people
  • Build your community as you build your business
  • Step into your role of your feminine leadership

With my over 30 years in the coaching, art, business, and dance world, I’ll show you how to get started and move quickly! Whether you are just getting started, or on your way but need more guidance and support, this course is for you!

You will:

  • Get clear on the direction you want to go to start your dream creative practice
  • Set up simple techniques for daily self-care and feel like new so you can move forward with ease and joy
  • Build your confidence and momentum to create your art that makes an impact for you and your new clients
  • Get creative tools to make open up to your prosperity and make money with your art and business
  • Learn great ways to take inspired and meaningful action steps so you can continue to build your dream job
  • Transform your sacred rebel self into a prosperous and successful artist 
  • Have more fun while you love and celebrate your life!

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From Chaos to Creativity

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