Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance® Teacher Training Online, Level Two, April 24th 2021



Global Caravan’s Tribal Bellydance ®

Teacher Training Online, Level Two

with Paulette Rees-Denis

in session —  four weeks, in your inbox every Saturday!



My desire is to guide you to be a successful dancer, teacher,

and businesswoman!


This course includes:

*Four weeks of instruction with the Intermediate Level One steps

* Weekly PDFs with instructions, journaling prompts, MP3 meditations and discussions

* More steps to you expanding Teachers Training Manual

* Time to review your own GCDT tribal repertoire, and develop your teaching skills while adding new moves

* Continuing discussions of business skills and dance class growth

* Participation in discussions about Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®  artistry

* We have a private Facebook page for lively questions and answers

* You will need to make short videotapes weekly to send to me, along with writing assignments.

* You must participate in these discussions and making videos weekly! Have access to video camera and computer for downloads and uploads is necessary. This is important and required, so I suggest you mark your calendars for study time daily and weekly!

*You will be given an assessment type test, by Paulette, including both written and visual, by sending a video, at the end of the course.

And be Certified in Teacher Training Level Two!

 Are you ready to move up to the next level and join our growing Global Teaching Team?


  • Add on to your teaching skills from Level One
  • Make soul connections with GCTB dancers around the globe
  • Further develop your teaching format, with class structuring, curriculum, business applications
  • Journal with ideas, dance dreams, personal development, questions, meditations and share with each other
  • Teach new steps and combinations
  • Watch and learn with each other to critique your personal dance technique and how to work with students in critiquing and developing their dance
  • Continue drum rhythm study and zil patterns
  • Understand music interpretation with slower and faster moves
  • Add to your body awareness, building strength and stamina, and continue of warm-up exercises
  • Drill, review, talk, share, laugh, write, work it out, experimentation, and so much more!
  • Plus more pages to insert into your Teacher Training Manual!

Course fee:

$689.00, with a $150.00 deposit to hold your space…

If you are already certified and want to join in to review and get all the downloads,

your fee is only $149.00…

Pre-requisite: Must be certified in Collective Soul Levels One and Two, and Teacher Training Level One!


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