Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan’s Tribal Bellydance Online Class #3


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Gypsy Caravan’s Online Class #3, More Tribal Bellydance!

with Paulette Rees-Denis and Karen Hunt from Gypsy Caravan Dance Company

Join in with some Gypsy Caravan Tribal Belly Dance (TM), first, with slow moves, and then add some faster moves to your tribal repertoire!
Several sections of technique and drilling with several other moves, for you to dance along to, review, refine, and add new steps! Enjoy…
***please make sure you do a warm up and cool down to be safe with your body, and feel good!

(If you took the Tribal Quest Experience, this class was included in that online ecourse. No need to buy again!)

The steps in this 50 minute workout include:

1. Circle in a Circle
2. Arabic Walk variations
Arabic #2, with hip circle
Arabic #5, with rib lift
Alternating Arabic, forward and backward
3. Pestle
4. Wrap Turn
Partner Moves with Paulette and Karen
5. Alternating Arabic with Partner
6. Pestle Switch
Hip bump variations
1. Regular hip bumps- slow and fast
2. Single hip bumps
3. Pivot hip turns / with hip bumps and clock arms / regular and singles
4. Double hip bumps and choo choos
5. Traveling singles
6. Divine
7. Directional shimmy combo
with Paulette and Karen
8. Hip Offering
9. Double Hip bump Combo

*and more drilling with Paulette and Karen with a Right foot lead  and a Left foot lead! 

Enjoy and repeat as necessary!

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