Summer Power Up Sessions 2023


Summer Power Up Sessions 2023

Special summer coaching sessions to keep you motivated, moving, and creating your story…

Ready for a one-on-one session to gain clarity on your desires, keep your momentum for your summer goals and step into your pleasure and create some magic? Let’s work together to keep you in alignment for your summer goals and step into your pleasure so you can shine your light!

Special summer coaching sessions with me-Schedule with me now, here:

( normally $185 an hour, but for this summer special, just $150.00! )


What past coaching clients say:

“Session with Paulette left me feeling inspired and uplifted and not alone! … I had anticipated it being good as I trust Paulette who is so inspiring herself with her supportive but kick-ass and to-the-point outlook! It was just what I needed and came at just the right time. . .I highly recommend to anyone seeking to change their current path or even just tweak the path you’re already on.”

“Paulette is a sparkly, positive, thinking, passionate woman who lives her life according to her

own path – and she wants everyone else to feel the same illumination! She shares tons of

small, fun, easy, actionable steps in the coaching sessions.

I recommend her warm, inviting, infectious coaching style!”

“Paulette is a truly gifted and brilliant coach and teacher. …Paulette gives a wealth of fun and really effective tools and resources that can be used and integrated immediately. She masterfully creates a very safe space within which to journey to one’s authentic self, to fearlessly explore one’s inner landscape, to begin writing a new life story and – very importantly – an opportunity to be seen and heard throughout the process. In every interaction with Paulette, her compassion, generosity, honesty and integrity shines through. She genuinely wants you to succeed and celebrates you along the way! For me, it has been a wonderful, life-affirming experience!”


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