Summer Power-Up Sessions!

$1,397.00 $1,097.00


Summer Power-Up Sessions!

For changes to make your life and biz just how you imagined it can be!

You get steps for building dreams, taking time for more self-care and introspection, gaining clarity, and ways to rewrite your story, and bam! you are kicking butt!

And I bet you love saving money as much as you love making money!

That’s three months, at a discount! Woo hoo..

So we can do both of those money things, make and save money!

This is the time to say YES to yourself, to invest in yourself, your future, your desires. To become and be the happiest and most fulfilled YOU, you can be. Finally, taking some time to get off the merry-go-round of crazy-making, and get focused, serious, and disciplined (imagine me with my Whip-App! 🙂 )

Private, one-on-one time with me to leap big, stand up, move forward with intention… remember what I always say…

Attention energizes, Intention transforms, and Action makes it happen!  

Want to upgrade your life, your biz, your body image?

This offering is a special summer package for you… normally $1397.00 for 3 months, with private phone sessions with me…and I can only offer this to first come first served… until that delightful schedule of mine is full…

ready?… wait for it!

$1097.00 ( that is a savings of $300!!!!)

After July 20th, we are back to regular pricing.

I’m calling this my Summer Power-Up sessions!


  • Seven 60 minute phone/zoom sessions with me
  • Your M.A.P- Magic Action Plan – a fabulous home-style work list to making your magic happen
  • Actionable steps that are in alignment with your desires…practical mixed with a bit of woo!
  • Some movement videos/audios to get you tuned in and turned on
  • Coaching to rewrite and renew what you are desiring with clarity and definition
  • And all the hard love you need to make it happen–accountability baby!



And a bonus for you is my

Dance and Desire 4 week online DIY course…

more treats for you to get you inspired, moving, and grooving and leaping big into those dreams!

Register now!





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