The Tribal Connection, Beginning Level 2 with Nina–Collective Soul 1 Moves!



The Tribal Connection Beginning Level 2 with Nina Martinez–Collective Soul 1 Moves!


Level up and moving with grace!

Join Nina, GCTB master teacher from Australia as she adds variations and transitions to our Beginning Level One steps.

She demonstrates moving between movements, especially the slower steps, to help glide and transition between steps. While creating a graceful flow through the body, remember the importance of breathing with the movement.

Adding arms and variations to our Beginning One steps will broaden your Gypsy Caravan Tribal repertoire– from our slower moves, like snake arms with takseem and our maya variations, to our more fast-paced steps, such as hip bump combo and Turkish variations.

The music is Naga by Solace, and Beledi by the Caravan Project (The Walk to Nowhere CD).  Walk to Nowhere cd available for purchase here:   

And if you want to level it up, for the fast drill at the end you can add your zills for extra drill practice!

Hope you enjoy dancing with Nina in her rain forest studio – the Temple!
length: 41 minutes $24.00


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