Gypsy Caravan Tribal Technique, Volume 11, For Digital Download



Gypsy Caravan Tribal Technique, Volume 11, For Digital Download

Taking Tribal Global With Paulette Rees-Denis, Cinzia Di Cioccio, Amanda Richardson

The Power in Tribal — Connection with the Earth and Each Other!

Greetings from Italy as we Take Tribal Global! On this DVD Cinzia, Amanda, and I bring you twelve new ideas and steps to add to your tribal repertoire! Combining some line formations, with the earthy quality of the steps gives you many inspiring moves for that funky and fabulous Tribal Style improvisation for you and your circle of dancers! All of my Tribal Technique DVDs are sequential to help you build on your steps with comfort and skill. Enjoy the warmup, the technique section, along with several drilling sessions, and get your tribal groove on! A lively discussion at the end about the Power of Tribal and we’ll get you thinking and dancing. May you continue on your Tribal journey with beauty, grace, and honor. Many thanks for joining us.

The twelve new moves on this DVD:

  1. Honoring the Earth-taking up space
  2. Honoring the Sky
  3. Arabic 5
  4. Shoulder Drop Combo
  5. Double Hip Bump Combo
  6. Swivel Step
  7. The Huntress
  8. Arabic Rotation Combo
  9. Tunisian Twist
  10. Low five
  11. High Five
  12. Moroccan Box

about an hour long…


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