Women’s Group Program –Soulful Self-Care for Joyful Creative and Abundant Living



Women’s Circle and Mastermind

Soulful Self-Care for Joyful Creative and Abundant Living

This is a 3-month virtual program, with tools, inspiration, support, strategies, and love coming to you to help you create the changes you’ve been desiring

in a beautiful community of women!

Find more joy in your life, your body with a deeper spiritual connection through the art of time management,

guilt-free self-care and

blossoming creativity!

Starting March 5th, 2024


Are you struggling to balance family life, serving others, and your personal interests?

Do you feel like your self-care and spirituality are being neglected?

Are you drowning under the weight of daily responsibilities that leave you with little time for creative pursuits and self-improvement?

Do you find yourself constantly wishing for more time to indulge in wellness practices, spiritual growth, and cultural arts?



What you will come away with in our time together:

  1. Discover how to prioritize your self-care rituals for increased energy and inspiration.
  2. Release what or who has been holding you back.
  3. Learn to cultivate your spiritual practices that deeply connect you with your true self and the divine.
  4. Experiment with and experience your creative juices.
  5. Develop an effective time management system that respects your needs and values.
  6. Gain an empowered mindset that defends your personal space for creativity
  7. Apply well-being techniques to maintain the joy in your body and spirit daily.
  8. Create a balance that embraces family, service, self-improvement, creativity, and spiritual growth.
  9. Integrate your passions for wellness, art, and culture into your daily routine to inspire you.
  10. Plus the always inspiring and support from our women’s circle.



Weekly Gatherings in our private group page on FB, with support, pep talks, strategy sessions, and implementation tools. We meet on Zoom, Tuesdays, 2:00, which will be recorded

The Creative Flow Masterclass: Discover how to tap into your creative flow and integrate it into your lifestyle. (Value: USD $297)

Access to Paulette’s Spiritual Self-Care Library, a growing collection of guided meditations, spiritual growth resources, and wellness tips. Value: (USD $497)

PLUS Private Sessions: 

ONE Private 60 minute session with Paulette at the beginning of our program to get you set up for success and tailor your self-care routine that aligns with your unique lifestyle that you are desiring.

Resources and Materials: 

Bonus 1: From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance: Find Fulfillment and Prosperity with Your Art, Paulette’s  latest book

Bonus 2: The Morning Clarity Ritual Workbook, A guide to help you set up each day with beautiful intentional self-care and create daily habits for joy and success



**Pay in Full: $1997.00

**Payment Plan: 

$797.00 USD,  deposit and 2 monthly payments of $625 each = $2047


Pay in Full Bonuses: 

Bonus 1: An extra 60-minute Private Coaching Session with Paulette –Continuing support and accountability. (Value: $280.00)

Bonus 2: Bonus: Making Your M.A.P. Masterclass- Developing your Magic Action Plan and find your daily treasures  (Value $197.00)


Why work with me?

I understand the struggle of balancing family, self-care, and spiritual practices while serving others because I’ve been there myself. But self-care doesn’t have to be isolating or time-consuming. It’s about integrating it into daily life in a way that honors your unique spiritual path and interests. Through my personal journey and years of assisting women just like you, I’ve learned to merge self-care and spiritual practices seamlessly with daily routine. Now, I am delighted to guide you in reclaiming your time, awakening your creativity, and nurturing your spirit. Together, let’s create your soulful self-care routine that leads you to a joyful and fulfilling life.



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Women's Circle and Mastermind

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