Rock your dancing goddess selves…Manifesto writing part 3!

Rock your dancing goddess selves…

Manifesto writing part 3!

Getting your Manifesto on can be heart wrenching, soul searching, mind boggling, and yet, the end product is such a feel good collaboration between all three of yourselves that it is soooo worth it. For those of you who have written your Manifesto in the past, or just bit parts of what make your heart sing and your body sway, you know what I’m talking about.

If you have been following my three-parter series , I hope you have given yourself the sweet time to write, question yourself while answering my questions, and think deeply about what lights up your world, what makes you feel divine, why you dance, or what inspires you to make the world a better place. Because it not only defines you and highlights your personality and your life, but when you write them down and share them, these statements are laid open to the world where they can inspire and help others philosophize. No matter if they agree or not, the idea is to take a stand and make a commitment to yourself. Even if those ideas change tomorrow, it is amazing to be seen and heard, what everyone of us craves on some level—to have that connection, to take up space. We all need to make that commitment to ourselves, be determined to live the life we desire, and mostly, to spread the love.

In the second article last week, I mentioned Amy Pearson’s manifesto, where she uses words like epic, humility, risk, listen...what do those words mean to you? Can you write them into your life? Do you have words that define you? What words excite you, or better, what words do you want to bring into your days? Some words just reach in deep to my soul and help me define my own being and make me live out loud, damn it.

One of my all time fav speaker, blogger and empowering entrepreneurs is Jonathon Fields…calls this, below, his Creed. Powerful and evocative…

The Good Life Project Creed


Another great batch of words, possibilitarian thoughts, soul-bearing and heart-ripped-open statements…what does reading that creed make you want to do?  Jump up and shout? Shimmy around the room? Grab your pen and scribble like mad?  Do it! Now…Powerful and great reminders for life, love, work, and lightening up.

(check more of him out,  here…)

“Vulnerability is a gateway to strength.”

Don’t we lay ourselves open when we dance? If we dance from our heart, we become a sheer force of creative energy, vulnerable to the life force, but also open to the world and other’s perceptions. We become vulnerable, but that makes us stronger by dancing and following our heart. For me, being a Tribal dancer, has given me so much, by forging connections with others and by using the power of improvisation as a creative force. Creating in the moment and being so very present. It means I really have to mean what I am dancing, that I can’t do it half-assed, or no one will be able to follow me or trust me as the leader.

And that is what I want my words to convey. That is how I feel about declaring my Manifesto. I want to mean it. I live it. It is a declaration, but also a reminder for myself. Yes, I need pump-me-up moments too, little or big reminders of why I do what I do!

Here is another style of manifesto…the Work is not a job Manifesto!


Plus they have some other fun posters to check out….

But now, what about you? Have you gotten down to it yet? How does it feel to write it down, to say the words out loud, what you are believing in? I had so much fun with this second Manifesto of mine, that I added photographs and fun fonts and it turned into a six page art piece… but here are the words that I choose for me for this year… and now I can’t wait to do a rewrite for 2014…(pick a word of the year to start with–I have two–excite and ignite! What’s yours? )

If you don’t have my Manifesto, you can sign up right on my website to recieve my weekly blog and we will email you a PDF of my little art piece…and then I want to see yours! Have fun writing …


Quest.  Cultivate. Gratitude. Grace.

Sing your heart out.

Initiate. Innovate. Inspire. Instruct.

Love yourself like no other.

Never take your body for granted. It needs to be fed and loved. It is your tool for your passion and for well-being. It is all you have.

Relax. Really. What matters is you believe in you.

Stop. Breathe. Look around at the splendor.

Take care of all the creatures. No harm to any living thing. Ahimsa.

Support the local farmers. Support the small businesses.

Revel in the beauty of the world.

Drink good coffee and good wine. Eat the freshest veggies. Cut out processed foods. Get your exercise. Daily.


Smile at all you meet. Share the love.

Write a love note every week. Either to you or someone else.                                                          

Laugh often                                                             

Play time is necessary… and so are massages!

A Feel-good Recipe:

          A smile

                A hug

                      A dose of ridiculousness A bowl of hot soup                                                                

                             A pee-in-your-pants, roll-on-the-floor laughing session

                                       A doggie cuddle                                                                     

                                                 Mix and smile…

Create and share the beauty.                                                                  

Encourage. Support. Enthusiasm is infectious! Pass it on…                                                  

Wear your boots and kick up your heels – there is always time for some boot scootin’! Walk with an open heart.                                                  

Move forward with intention.                                                                     

Dress like you mean it.                                                                 

Always wear your invisible crown.                                                                                   

Evolve. Change. Pursue. Thrive. Strive. Practice. Gather. Cherish. Harmonize. Be audacious.                                                                   

Listening is an art.                                           

Be a possibilitarian.                                                           


Be compassionate. And be grateful….                                                                           

Honor it all…                                                


Live with passion…


Thanks for taking the time to read, listen, and write!

Share with me in the comments below…



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