Rockin’ my Friday!

Getting my non-negotiables rockin, and my accountability writing group going on… time to get those books inside my head onto some paper…don’t cha’ think?IMG_2770

I am starting each day with my meditation, as a non-negotiable, which gives me a different outlook on how I approach all of them, and it makes a HUGE difference in my day, my work, my attitude, my joy! And the fact that I, yes, I, can stick to a regime of sorts and do it, every day! Once I hit the 8 day marker, I feel a different strength inside and out.

And I know you can too… did you list out your non-negotiables?

How brave and intense and identifying is that? And you can really stick to them everyday. I want to know the difference it makes in your daily life. Tell me…


Here is all kinds of assorted goodies for you to kick off your weekend! Let me know what you think in the comments…

**This is something I teach about to all my teachers in training… The Art of Listening…one of the most important aspects of being a good teacher! Here is a little blip from Erica Staab!


**Are you wondering how to go vegan…here you go…


**The Small But Soul-Crushing Word You’re Using Every Day, thanks Jeff Goins…


**ladies, let’s’s you pleasure principle?

Learn how to let go of sexual hang-ups and have all the pleasure you deserve

The Obliss course.

**BE KIND tshirt


**Justine says: That, I thought, is how to be heroic, for men and women both: to fearlessly live out your “own essential nature” in a way that connects you to meaning, your true self, a sense of the bigger picture; to be at home in the world.

To be whole.


**and, thanks Kris Carr for doing this research on MASCARA!…

So much unveiling this week!

Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan’s Online Class #8–
Slow and Stretchy–Warmups

online8Paulette Rees-Denis Online #8 screenshot
Want to feel great and take a few minutes for yourself? Now you have time to slow down, breathe, and warm up the body, whether you are going into dance gear after or you just need a good stretch and strengthen session!  25 minutes, grab your mat, wear some comfy clothes do it!


Join Paulette Rees-Denis in a short interview with the newly formed band, The Caravan Project…featuring Jeff Rees from Gypsy Caravan, with Ruben Ramirez and Lyndsey Blythe, as they discuss their new venture and the new music they are making for Tribal bellydancers, with three new songs fresh from the recording studio too!

Get their music now!

square_TribalBliss1And Tribal Bliss starts September 7th... hope you can join us! Go here….


Wow. Read what Cayte Lawton wrote on her blog about my Collective Soul Gypsy Caravan Tribal certification intensive! I am thrilled and honored!  you can still get in on our September classes around the globe!

September 6 & 7, 13 & 14th in Milan, Italy…
with Cinzia Di Cioccio-
September 12-15th near Milwaukee, Wisconsin
with Amanda Richardson…email
**Glasgow, Scotland for Collective Soul Levels One and Two with Deirdre Macdonald! Sept 25-28, 2014
September 29-30, October 1-2, 2014 near Cairns, Australia–SOLD OUT!
with Nina Martinez…

I love that you are here! Enjoy your weekend…




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