Rockin the weekend stuff, Tribal Shawls, and me!

Friday the 13th!  gotta love it…

Have you been wilding yourself after my last blog post? Tell you what I’m doing that makes me shiver and tingle! Writing songs..And volunteering  three hours a week at the Oregon Humane Society… And editing my new online classes for you….whoa… what a week it has been…

After Carol and I traveled to Las Vegas last weekend to teach at the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive Festival…yep first time to Vegas (trippy city), and you know what? I played ONE slot machine and won… a whopping $4.90, and then I quit!


I was asked to judge in the So You Think You Can Bellydance affair! These dancers worked their butts off for this competition, very impressive… and great dancers! An honor to be part of…thank you Samira Tu’Ala…and thanks for having me teach at the festival too… Very well organized, lots going on, great teachers, fun venue, good shopping… We had a fantastic workshop… it was so much fun, and went soooo fast. Tribal Shawls is what I taught. The dancers were twirling and spinning and orbiting and laughing and it was a great and very fast workshop… meaning it was over way too soon… I so love teaching that I get caught up in it and could go on for hours! That’s what you do to me…gotta love that too…oh, I see another online class happening soon with shawls…

but first…

The Tribal Quest Experience is coming your way next month…

The Tribal Quest Experience

a six week online course!

Tribal Bellydance and Beyond…

**bringing you the dance, the workout, the ideas, with the creatives–a bevy of amazing women to share their life’s work with you, plus more tribal goodness to guide you to be in your now space–so beautiful and inspired and with the celebration of ourselves.

What do Paulette Rees-Denis, Tami Lynn Kent, Cinzia Di Cioccio, Sarah Rose Jarolimek,

Cristi  Nicholson, and Karen Hunt all have in common?

These powerful women are all part of this splendid new online class offering from

Paulette Rees-Denis–

The Tribal Quest Experience!

LIfe is an ongoing quest, full of richness, movement, relationships-with yourself and with others, and healthy full living. Doing the work we love, having the body we honor, the loved ones we celebrate, and just having a great time through the whole journey! And being present and in the moment… right now!

What do you quest for in your life, your dance, your health and well-being? We give you some fun ideas and tools to get your Tribal Groove on…

Starting Monday, October 14th, 2013, and every Monday for six weeks, we bring you feminine courage, nutrition and delicious healthy food ideas, meditation and journaling exercises and prompts, tribal bellydance and fitness workouts, even finger cymbal playing! Oh yeah… what fun we will have together…

Registration coming up soon….


and by the way….

there are three Tribal Shawls left waiting for you to buy one and get that Shawl groove happening!

imageDF844F9B-431A-412B-B715-1299B0FD3148email to get yours now!


what is rocking my world this week?

*My Tribal Bliss #2 –Weaving with the Power of your Creative Feminine Essence–online class started this week, and am digging the responses from you gorgeous women…. thanks for doing the work and sharing too…

yes, you can still sign up before Sunday!..


love this line of skin care! Ann Marie Gianni…really I do…especially the Aloe Herb Face Cleanser and the Herbal Facial Oil… check it out… (and woman owned!)


gypsy caravan and friends:edgefield 2013the Gypsy Caravan performance at Edgefield this past July, is now up on our Vimeo Channel… here….


**Thanks Tierra Soul, for the great work and words!….

Serendipity is the result of discipline.

We all want magic in our lives.

You too….

You want to feel that your work and life has purpose and meaning. You want to be visited by inspiration, by miracles, by your muse. Yes, you don’t want to pass the days in drudgery and the endless mundane passing of days.

You want serendipity.

Of course you do. We all do…. but if you’re like most of us, your life doesn’t seem all that special and serendipitous. If you’re honest. Don’t worry though…. I have a secret for you: Magic can’t be found. It can’t be harnessed or chased…. except in the most mundane and disciplined places. Magic needs discipline and structure to emerge.



and how about trying this on?

**The Slow Down Challenge … by Jeffry Goins, Writer


ok, my freakin’ fabulous friends….

have an amazeballs weekend , listen to some great music, write in your journals, dance around your kitchen and with your partners, take time to be present, and love every one and every minute…

thanks for being here…


oh, and hope to see you in Toronto next weekend for my weekend workshops!


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