Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I stay or Should I go?

Remember the catchy song by the Clash?

I always wanted to run a wine bar, so I did. It was fabulous, it was a money sucker, I closed it. But I loved it, and never worked so hard in my life. And I am glad I did it, and I would do it again, it was an invaluable life road for me, and for Jeff, I taught people about food and wine, how to cook, how to enjoy amazing vegetarian food, how to have a good time. I loved it, and I did it. Move on…next…


Closing my wine bar/veggie cafe, moving, relocating, changing, shifting, losing, gaining…it all was part of me finding my way again, my way back, but really, my way forward…to what I know is my calling in life, my life’s work, my heart and soul and passion, and what I’m freaking good at too…

And that is being the guide, the journey-woman, the tribal hostess…my love of teaching dance, of sharing the love, of passing on the tools and the words needed, the wisdom of the years, the spirit of creativity, the encouragement of yes you can

here’s that Clash song, in case you want to sing along!

My job, my heart’s work is to initiate, to innovate, to inspirate (that is a new word!), to educate, maybe to irritate a little too!

To get you to dive in deep, and dig out deeper, to resuscitate, to enrich, to join up your body with the mind and the spirit with the dance, the soul with the love… to find the words, to pass on the stories, to honor the wise, to relish in the youth, and to just be dang okay with it all, really, to know that we are enough, to know when it is enough, to let go and dance without judgement and glaring self-discrimination–

(as my dancers are experiencing in my new Tribal Bliss online class! (Next session starts June 16th!

What about taking that next step? Delightful Rachelle Mee-Chapman, a spiritual and artful soul at Magpie Girl, writes about going or staying,

“Stay too long past the expiration date — with a person, in a place, amongst a tribe–and dysfunction sets it.”

Are you an active participant in your life? Do you go after what you want? Friends? A social life? Tea and Cookies write about taking that First Step!

People say to me, quite often, that they want to be Paulette when they grow up! That is an incredible compliment, but…Even women older than me say it… what is it that attracts them to my life? I always laugh and say, now why would you want to have my life?

Because I make it look so charmed. I make my life look easy!

And sometimes it is, because I love what I do, and sometimes it is freakin’ hard. But I go after what I want. I try not to settle for things that aren’t working. I quit things that I don’t need. I give away things I don’t want. I love to pass things on, like costumes, books, stuff that needs to have a new life.

I make changes, a lot. I also make mistakes, lose things that I wish I hadn’t, like some friends, money, time… (actually, you can’t lose time!) but that doesn’t ever stop me from moving forward… Should I stay or should I go?

I love being a creative entrepreneur, I love creating. That is my life’s work, I find so much to share, to learn, to teach. I participate in my life. I skip along, I dig it into the ground, I stop and take a look around, I grab it and run…whatever it takes, to live a full life, I am not a victim, I take full responsibility. If I don’t like something, I don’t blame anyone else, I change it, I participate.

Mastin Kipp talks about the Power of Choice,  on the Daily love

Now it is your turn! You don’t want to be me. You want to be you… who are you? What do you want? What can you go after today? And where do you want to stay? Tomorrow/ next month? Next year? Listen to yourself…

bake cookies for a neighbor

write a real letter

make a phone call

revise that resume

talk a walk

eat slowly

buy that online dance class (!)

write in your journal, write a novel


And see what you want, take a little baby step, or a giant leap…but do it… life is grand, I’m happy when you are happy, I’m happy when I’m happy, pass it on… makes the whole world a better place!

And let me know!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday… thanks for being here!




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