So much more!

Life would be different, maybe easier, if I just danced… if all I did was dance… dance for me, dance for you, teach dance, share dance…this dance, this freakin’ amazing dance that we do… this tribal, this Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance.

There is so much more to it…

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed, even giddy, and overly passionate about all the facets of this dance, all that I’ve learned because of this dance, all the opportunities I continue to have, all the amazing people I meet and the places I go. The JOURNEY… is incredible…the lifestyle is superb, the health and well being I live in everyday is vibrant, the body I have is mine and it works, the dance wear is super fun, the jewelry is pure art…

in fact, It is




Creation at its finest, connection at its deepest, community full of support and love. Synchronicity is magic, music is intoxicating, much visual eye candy, smiling faces of pure life and joy, celebration of all that we are and live and be and share….

And I am consumed by all that goes into the dance besides the dance.. from day one…way back in 1991…I said this dance is a lifestyle…and there was so much more I needed to learn and study and share…even back then… I knew it was deeper, richer, fuller, than just the movement… And I made it my life’s work, to dive in, intuit all that it is, study, to share and guide and assist women on their path. I continue still, to study, guide, research, write, teach, and use the dance, be present in my body and move it, and live fully.

The movements, those sensual gliding prideful steps, those earth pounding foot stomping steps, those snake hip circling spirals, the infinity signs made throughout the body…the eyes that stare into the souls, the timing of synchronicity make this dance powerful, beautiful, intoxicating. The old rituals come to life, connections with the past, the blessings of the body and the earth, the feminine essence of power and creativity, the circle, the soul shining bright gives us that knowing of just how good it feels to move with our body  and great cause for celebration.

Celebrate and know how rich we are…to the food we eat, the wine we drink, the walk we do, the posture we keep, the magic we make, the creations we dream up, the bonding we share, the knowing we have…isn’t that just soooo delicious?

All these ideas go into my dreams and comes out in different ways—the various online courses, in person workshops, the passing on the business as well as the dance, the life coaching which gives me such great pleasure—all with the guiding spirit of guiding you to your deepest, fullest self.

Sometimes it is all about the dance, sometimes it is because of the dance, and sometimes the dance is the stepping stone…to be the greatest you, the most healthy and vibrant you.

To close the gap between where you are and where you want to be!

Move that body, connect with your soul, make your magic, everyday!

Jennifer Louden quotes Paulus Berensohn in her book, The Life Organizer,

Movement is the law of life. Where there’s no movement, there is no life. Song and dance are the laws of the universe, vibration and momentum are part of life, and you don’t have to do the tango to be a dancer, to dance is to know that we have this animal body.”

Don’t you love that? To feel that connection within and without…

Questions to ask yourself…to be aware of..

What does the dance, any dance mean to you?

How are you feeling in your body?

Are you moving everyday?

What are you eating?

Do you feel the connection?

What makes you feel alive?

I love asking you these questions, and finding out what makes you excited. And what you want. And get you there. That is where I shine…my life passion, my work through and with this dance…

So I can’t only dance! I live this dance, it is the dance of life!

To live fully and passionately and lovingly every day, with gratitude and awareness, and allowing the flow of life…


Paulette Rees-Denis Web-13


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Life Coaching with Paulette

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