Spreading the tribal love…

Spreading the tribal love…

tribal rocks postcard
I’ve been in this business, my dance business, my world of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®
, and all the different paths of work it has taken me, for over 25 years…amazing, right? And I continually pinch myself to make sure it is all still going on! I am constantly humbled, and filled with gratitude, that this is my life, my choosing, my dance, my body, my opportunities, my dance mates, students, and teachers.

I look back and see what I have done, filled with pride too, to see all who have grown and blossomed out of some contact with my work. Touched. As an artist, that type of creation is the fulfillment, the reward, the acknowledgement of all the hard work and sweat and tears and laughter and time. I see how much I have grown as a dancer, a teacher, a teacher’s teacher, a writer, a Life Coach, a director and performer, a world traveler, a choreographer, mostly an inspirator of a creative, healthy and positive art form and life-style,  and that I have been able to pass that on to you, in many different ways.

Wow…I take moment for a quick recap–this includes all the different pro-, semi-pro, and student troupes over the years–Sister Caravan, Caravan Daughters, Urban Berbers, Kiddie Caravan, Caravan Dance Collective, even my first troupe called Maya Dancing! Of course, Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, International, has continued in many morphs for those 25 years, the amazing dance studio I had for 8 years, the Tribal Quest–5 day music and dance festival I produced for 6 years, and now the growing global community of the Caravan Project troupes (mind-blowing), along with all the families of band and music, and CDs, and technique DVDs, online classes, and documentaries, and my book (Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Bellydance), plus all the magazines and other books. There are all the dancers I’ve trained to also carry on the dance and the ethics and the legacy of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®, and all their troupes they have created, and all the dances they have changed and built and their businesses and their hobbies and their passions.

There are always new ideas brewing, new desires I want to fulfill, for my creative mind, new creations to be made– adding on to the plethora of the past, the like my certification courses–Collective Soul and Teacher Training, and my Master Teachers (who blow me away)–to keep you on your path and guide you to be the best dancer you can be,

New Logo 9my Life and Dance Coaching, (Movement, Momentum, and Magic) — my full on passion to guide you fulfill your desires and to live your everyday magic, plus the dance and writing program Dance and Desire — you dancers have so many amazing stories to tell and I want to help you tell them, and the latest Tribal Grooves Teacher Training–to get you up, teaching and dancing and enjoying the freedom of movement and toning the body! Spreading the tribal love…

wayne dwyer- purpose of life

There is always need for reflection. This is not written here to toot my own horn, my friends, but to show me, and you, how years in the creative world can change and grow and continue in creation and passion!

I am often asked how I don’t suffer from burnout. Well, I do, peeps. Oh yes…and often… So I have to take really great care of myself. Sometimes I have had to step back to do that. This has not always been easy and many of you have gotten angry or sad or confused or even tossed me into the fire. Some of you have disagreed with me, disowned me, and some have let time heal all. My heart has always been open and ready to give all that I can. Many of you have continued to love and support me as I take care and grow as an artist, and yes, even make mistakes in the business, and I thank you immensely for all your encouragement. I can’t dance and give you what I do if I don’t have down time, and away time, and me-time. I need to refuel and refill myself with my personal passions too. And I keep going, because I love what I do. It is what I’m here for.

I have had dancer and business breakups, which can be like a painful divorce (you been through those?). I know that not everything lasts forever. Some people come into my life for a short time, and others for a long time. And this is OK. I’ve learned to let it be OK…oh yes, tears, and long discussions, or no discussion, surprises, slaps in the face as well as long clinging hugs… this is all a part of life and people…learning how some come to take, some come to give and love. But I give all that I can, no matter what you need. So, dancing queens and kings, you must listen to your body, to your heart, and give yourself that time to heal and relax, and love, and rest, you are your number one… listen closely to what you need. So you can continue on with your essence and force.

We come together for a reason. Law of attraction.

Letting go is a process, it can be hard or it can be easy, it can be painful or it can be full of love, depending on your mindset!  And to watch you all grow and evolve and dance and change and make you what you want is amazing, whether we stay connected or not. Like the mother who loses her child, that is awesome and painful too…

Change is inevitable in a creative life, in any life really. Most of the time I love change! I look forward to it. But one thing I know for sure, I love the variety of life, and the changes this dance can bring.

What I love about this dance,

this Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® is that there is a core, a basic structure, a language, to live with, to follow, to adhere to, to believe in. A global entity, that brings us all together.  A language, unspoken, that crossed thresholds. That does not change. It is a rock. That will always be there. It is solid and true and basic and always the pure roots with which to grow with and from! And what a dance! Powerful, evocative, mesmerizing, magical… oh, I could go on… but you know that…

This dance also becomes a lifestyle because I believe in all the perspectives and the awarenesses that come to be, as one becomes the dancer, the dancer of life, or the hard-core bellydancer, whatever your pleasure, and any of the paths that one takes. Wellness, spiritual connection, body fitness, determination and pride, adornment, magic, creation, teacher, student, performer, mover and shaker, making music, making love, joining community-in person and over the internet, the hugs and love, the encouragement, gathering dreams, stepping it up, with pure pleasure and enjoyment, and hard work, commitment, dedication and the giving back…these are all avenues this dance creates.

Because it is about the whole circle,

not just one,

I need you, you need me,

I want you, you want me,

us, all, everyone…

It takes all of us to support each other.

It takes all of us to complete the circle.

Followers, leaders…

The beautiful flowing, open spiraling circle of this dance…

I give thanks to all that have come before me, that have given me the teachings, the integrity,

The desire to keep going, to not give up

The inspirations to dream and create

I give thanks to all whom have grown with me, and

From my womb of creation

To enjoy and prosper and love and move

With the sensuousness, the feminine force, the ancient roots, the modern way

To make themselves into their own desires

With loyalty and knowledge and connection

With me, to stay with me as well as me with them…

Because what it all comes down to, is I love to dance…

and I want you to dance, too, with love, passion, and to feel great in your body, and to live your fullest and happiest!

Many blessings and extreme gratitude…







What’s coming up?

Collective Soul Online Level One with Paulette Rees-Denis,

October 9th– 30th, 2016

and Teacher Training Level One, Online!

November 13th– December 4th, 2016

Just in time for the new year to rock your world!

Registration opens end of July!


 New session starting Mondays, October 10th, 2016,

 Tribal Grooves™ with Paulette and Amanda Richardson, 7-8 pm! 

Tribal Grooves ™ is an exciting new dance form of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® to activate your body, mind, and spirit! We move with non-stop, high-powered blood pumping moves combined with sweetly sensual and slow circular, feminine patterns using body isolations with some improvisation, lead and follow, and choreographed dances. Dancing with worldly exotic, stimulating music and contemporary tunes will raise the energy and momentum and get your groove on!

and following…

Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page!  8-9 pm
with Paulette,

Body Love & Belly Dance,
Soul Diving & Celebration
an Six week dance & written word class…

at Znama Studio in Portland!

a great duo of classes! Join us…



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