Sunday Dance to Word: Dance can do so many things


OK, so I’m scimming face book and I come across a shared you tube video of a marriage proposal set to music and dance in the streets, with dancers and non-dancers, and clowns and marching bands and about 60 friends, lip-syncing and dancing to a song as they travel down the street, she on the tailgate of a car, all together for a woman who was being proposed to at the end of this dance number by her man. It made me weep for joy, how friends can come together, share time and space and energy to put together a crazy fun dance number so a friend can ask a love to marry him. And they just kept coming onto the street, and the screen, andĀ  they danced theirĀ  choreography, they filmed it, and they were full of love for this couple, obviously; these friends and family just did it! And she sat and watched and clapped and was awestruck and giddy, and yes of course she said yes! How could you not marry a man who did this for you? Wow…!

Dance rules, it is about life, joy, celebration and community, community love, bringing all together and holding all so close…

And then I watched a clip of an audition for a dancing TV show, with a beautiful young man dancing what he called Exorcist style dance, something that he originated. He danced this piece so full of passion, heartbreak, soul, agility, great skill and technique. That also made me weep, as it did to the entire audience who gave him a standing ovation. He rips out your heart, breaks you, and heals you, and it was stunning and unique, and incredibly heartfelt. If he never danced again, you know he gave his every inch of himself in this piece.

Watch them…did they move you too?

Dance is a catalyst, a mover, a shaker, a prayer, a party, so many things…

What is dance to you? What did these two incredibly different dance pieces do to you? Deep in your gut, get personal, soulful, lay it out, what it is, what it does, how, why, when, where…tell me….

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