Sunday Dance To Word–In Honor Of Our Mothers

How about writing a little sumpin sumpin for our mothers? Who is your mother? Or mothers? Some of us have only one true mother.  Many of you have more than one, and how lucky are you? Or not!

I am not physically a mother, but I feel like I have children all over the globe. I can understand the pride and the pain, the sweat and the tears, the joy and the frustrations, and ultimately the letting go…as each child person grows up and ventures out on their own. Often they stay in touch, but most of my “children” don’t. When I teach my dance workshops, I am mother for an hour, a day, a week, a year. Sometimes I have a long lasting relationship with a student dancer friend, and often it is just long enough to share an important message.

What do mothers do? Teach, share, hug, inspire, motivate, punish, take us to dance class, buy us shoes, try to show the right things, maybe hurt us too,  and so much more. Some of you may have a tremendous relationship with your mom, some don’t have her anymore, some may never want to see her again…where that relationship is or was, there have been lessons and journeys, I’m sure.

Why not take a few minutes to write about how that woman, that mother, inspired you to become the artist/dancer that you are today?

My mother rocks…She, too, is a dancer and a singer. At 85, she still plays music and dances almost everyday, learning how to play the dobro, and jammin’ with  musicians every week. She dances around the house, singing, and guess who else does? Yep, I am so like her, it is scary sometimes…

Back when they told me I would never be a dancer when I was 14 and my body was a bit on the heavy side, she stood next to me and said yes you can. And look at me today, thank you mama. She has truly inspired me to live the life I want and do what I love.

She always has time to listen, always is supportive of my crazy ideas, now, and even when I was a small girl. She always has a smile on her face. She just keeps on rockin’ it…

I watched her give up her active life when my father was ill and dying. She did everything for him that she could, selflessly, even though it about killed her, for he was the light of her life. He is gone now, and she regained her health, her life, and her joy and passion for living. What a divine influence she has been for me, and for many. She is the light of my life. And not only my brother, sister, and me call her mom. She has been mom to many of our friends, always was, still is. Her home and her heart are always open.

I wrote about my mom, too, in my book, Tribal Travels…with a gorgeous early photo of her in her dance youth days! See that photo above…Isn’t that gorgeous? And what legs!

and here we are boot scootin’ it at a local pub listening to a country band!

So here is a tidbit in honor of my mother,and yes, I have had several ‘mother’s’ in my life to share and support and inspire, whom I hold a place for in my heart, and I am honored to have had many ‘children’ to come into my life for a kick in the dancer’s ass or a hug or a smile or a workout! They call me their Tribal Mama. What a thrill.

But noone takes the place of that woman, my mom, for without her I wouldn’t be me. I love you mama…

And now, what can you write about one or all of your mothers? And maybe just pass it along to her or them! Touch someone, and tell them how special they are, not just today, but everyday… woohoo…

and many thanks for being here on Sunday Dance To Word…you can share with me if you wish…

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