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How To Heal Our Deep Inner Wounds Using Music & Sound

  the Summit my friends…. The Healing With Music Online Retreat is going LIVE! Click Here to grab your seat Award winning Harpist, Mentor and Transformational Coach Patricia Daly has created this wonderful virtual event and I am honoured to be a part of this panel of experts. I am incredibly excited to be contributing… Continue Reading

Acknowledge your WHY

Acknowledge your WHY What does it take to make you move? To dig in deep to your core to find the bursting open desire to experience something, to share your creation, to spread wide your dreams? Whether it be to you alone, your partner and family, friends, clients, students, or the universe, the depth of… Continue Reading

A very special end of August coaching special with me!

Hello my friends! Here in Portland we are close to a whopping 100 degrees… yes, hot, awesome full moon, and the end of summer, which I LOVE…. Still more glamping in our vintage trailers, musical concerts, dance gigs, readying for more international travel, gearing up for fall classes, more Tribal groove Teacher Trainings, solidifying my… Continue Reading

Calendars and us…

As a traveling gypsy, wandering dancer, bohemian prancer, glamping honkytonker, blogging maven, pleasure siren, creative magical coach and teacher, and everything in between, it is imperative that I work deeply and intimately with my boss… “Who’s your boss?” you ask. “We always thought you worked for yourself!” Weeeellll…I do. My boss is my calendar! Without… Continue Reading

Clarity and Desire

Clarity and Desire Don’t you love it when something just comes into sharp focus? Something you’ve been trying to see or find or understand, and then, bingo, clarity! Sometimes you want to smack yourself upside the head, saying, why did I not see that? Really though, things—ideas, dreams, projects, whatever—sharpen up when you are ready… Continue Reading

the creative process and feeling good…

the creative process and feeling good… Hello friends… I’ve been thinking about the creative process and what it feels like to feel good… A few months back I took a retreat for myself and my writing, and it was sublime. An awesome thing for me to do for myself, and I needed time to check in… Continue Reading