Taking Tribal Global – a chat with Lynea Gillean

deegfadmay2013 Greetings to you all!  What  do I have to share with you  today from  Deirdre’s Dance Den?

There are a lot of great bits to this fabulous world of  Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) that I get to share with you – and today I am pleased to bring you a conversation with a hugely talented woman – Lynea Gillen.

She will be teaching with Paulette at her 21st Annual Women’s Retreat–Tribal Dance/Tribal Bliss, at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Detroit, Oregon on April 25-27th, 2014.  (There is also Cammi Vance (Darshan) who  I featured a few weeks ago, and Carol Vance from Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International, a great line-up!) This is a truly special place and a wonderful experience. It’s the beauty of the place and the teachers and students that make it so! That’s why I wanted to let you know all about.


When I lived in Oregon I had the pleasure of going to some of Lynea’s  yoga and African dance classes;  her great teaching and energetic spirit is memorable! Lynea is a lifelong educator dedicated to the development of human spirit. With a background in counseling, 20+ years of dance training, plus coming from a family of musicians, Lynea brings a holistic, lyrical and compassionate touch to her yoga and dance teaching.

I had to ask Lynea:  You have been part of Breitenbush before – what keeps you coming back as a teacher?
I love the beauty of Breitenbush, the connection to all of the women and I love teaching yoga to dancers after a soak and a dance! My good memories from my experiences there are walking the labyrinth, both great conversation and silence in the hot tubs, the inspired connections with women dancers, through our singing, dancing, and even poetry.
I’ll be teaching Yoga, African tribal fusion, and this year I will also lead some Tension Release Exercises for those who are interested. Paulette and I always have some beautiful dancing and writing journeys to lead with everyone.
What can students expect in your classes if they haven’t been before?
I have studied West African dance and I fuse this high energy dance with tribal belly dance to create a lively, playful form of celebration. Women joining us can develop a deeper connection to their spirit, their dance and to each other – with a lot of fun and laughter!
Any words of advice for those coming along?
Dive into your own spirit, your dance, your deep beauty. Connect with the amazing beauty of the land and remember that the world is full of magic!

Let us know what dance and renewal you have planned for this year.  I would love to hear any of your Breitenbush stories you would like to share or tell us, in the comments below, and  why you’re coming back for more!

Here’s the link for more info on this Tribal goodness!


Enjoy your day and look forward to hearing from you!


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