Taking Tribal Global…Friday rocks, and Tribal Travels the globe!

Happy Friday to you in all of your fabulousness!

I am on the road again, to Seattle for the Cues and Tattoos Festival,- a weekend of Tribal inspired bellydance… I am excited to be teaching two workshops on Saturday with my cohorts in dance, Karen and Gina, and we will be donning our Ouled Nail inspired costumes for the Friday night show…


I am so looking forward to this, dancing with my home girls, a weekend in Seattle, and seeing all the tribes gathering and dancing in one place. It has already been such a full early spring for me, lots of travel this year, and I’m off to Mexico next week with my dancing sister, Nina for two weeks of dance and sun and exploration, with Collective Soul Levels One and Two, and Teacher Training Level One, plus workshops in Mexcio City and Queretaro (contact Walky…walkikkat@yahoo.com.mx). And I just got back from Ohio, had a very fast three hours of Tribal in Columbus with dancers coming from around the state and Pennsylvania too. It is so rewarding to spread the Tribal love, as well as the pure joy of the dance and dancing together to create our magic…but those hours just go to dang fast…I always have way to much good dance stuff to share and there is never enough time!


My Spring continues with a few weeks of Tribal in my homeland of Portland, with more Collective Soul Levels 1, 2, & 3, plus Teacher Training Levels 1 & 2… Want to join us? We’ve got dancers from the east coast, west coast, southern and northern states, Japan, and New Zealand coming for these weeks- wowza…how cool to be able to bring all these dancers together to study– physically, spiritually, and mentally, and so much fun to be had…

oh, and the latest news is that Jeff and I hope to be performing and teaching in Nashville this September! Woo hoo… never been there, so I’ll keep you posted on all of these Tribal Travels! So you can jump on the tracks too…


And now to share my inspirations with you for the week… I love doing this…do you love reading and checking them out? You all are soooo quiet out there in our e-world! Let me know what you think of these links in the comments below…I do so love to hear from you!

Several Women of the Week! Blown away this week…

**Val Heart… want to talk to the animals? I do….

**Lisa LIster at THE SASSY SHE.

SASSY = Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual, Sensational YOU

SHE = goddess/source/soul/inner badass/sacred feminine

Basically, it’s an alchemical combination o’ powerful, intuitive, potent, fiercely feminine energy.

**another woman of the week…. talk about giving back…Maggie Doyne…watch this!

***OMG, I made this, and so freakin’ good!….vegan and gluten free!!! and Yes I am now VEGAN! oh yeah…

Chocolate Espresso Torte

Try it and let me know….

**Thankyou Soulsister Delicia…Bloom!

**love Rowdy Kittens… and creating daily rituals! Do you have one?

**feed your body as you workout and dance! Thanks Joe!

That’s all for this delicious weekend…. Thanks for hanging out, and got some good stuff coming up next week too! See you on the road…

with love and appreciation…


**and yes, you can still register for our Women’s Weekend Tribal Bellydance Retreat at Breitenbush, in Detroit Oregon this April! What a weekend we have lined up for you… check it out here! Would love to have you…



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