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deeItalyOur Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™  is all about community – it’s about people (usually women, supported by men and partners, friends and families) coming together and magic happens! Connection, dance through improvisation, mastery of moves, “aha!” moments, physical and mental challenges, development… and happiness!

This story from Deirdre’s Dance Den today comes via Queensland, Australia from Lisa Newton, from Kuranda. I love it because Lisa sees and feels her dance from a broad perspective – and sends out gratitude to her dance community:

“We have a lovely little group of women at our dance class in Kuranda.

Lisa Newton pic
Lisa – and drum!

We have classes aligned with school term, so when I break as a ‘school teacher’, I also break from my ‘dance teacher’ role at the same time and take some time to go on holidays and spend time with my husband and our fur-child.

So, every few months, as we resume the dance term, I wonder who will return and who will be new faces.  This term, it was lovely to see three familiar faces and spend time together again.  Sometimes I wonder if the first class back should be a ‘pot of tea’ time, but we always LOVE getting back into our bodies and dancing together.

It seems dishonest to say I am the dance teacher, as I learn so much from our collective of women.  Since really listening to the women of our dance group, I have learnt to be aware of the moon phases and my own sensitivity to what is happening around me, thereby creating our classes around the mood of the day.  We seem to be so familiar with each other now, that this just seems natural and almost beneficial to acknowledge our day and then throw away any baggage and breathe in the goodness at the start of each class.

So this is just a short message of gratitude to the women of Kuranda Dance who come together every week and have shared their life and love of dance with me.  We make our Thursday nights, a night of dance that puts me on a high for the rest of the week.  So that the rest of my week is a time to rejoice in what we have together each time we meet.”

How many of us can resonate with that?!

Do you want to give a ‘shout out’/hello/thanks to your dance group and community? (I love mine in Troon, Scotland!) Well… comment or share with me!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in dance, best wishes,



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