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photo-1Good day to you and welcome to Deirdre’s Dance Den. It’s a place to hear stories and learn more about the joy of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance (TM), and all things tribal. I love to hear your tales, share mine, and introduce you to other fabulous women and what they’ve been up to in their dance worlds. Tales about how they got to where they are, favorite music to dance to, and other anecdotes – anything that will put a smile on your face and a shimmy in your hips!

I have a guest today who is from my neck of the woods, Ayrshire in Scotland, so please feel free to read this whole post in a Scottish accent (we’d love to be able to listen in)! It also reinforces my infectious teaching, so heads up for that, lol! I get it from my great teacher, Paulette 😉

Eleanor Shirkie from Ayrshire (below) tells us a bit about her journey and why she has BIG love for this dance:

I discovered tribal belly dance about 10 years ago when I traveled to take classes with Deirdre (Macdonald Clitheroe). My interest and passion were ignited and, having a bit of a compulsive personality, I immersed myself in everything tribal!  I loved the dance, the moves, the music, the connection, the costumes, the history. I loved everything about this dance, and I think this was partly due to Deirdre’s teaching and enthusiasm. 

My passion hasn’t changed, however, as time has moved on and my interest evolved I wanted to share this.  I still embrace the dance but the performance part, although nice, was not the main reason I enjoyed it.  Through Gypsy Caravan Teacher Training the aspect I loved was possible- I love teaching. We come along to class after a hard days work (me included) with life’s stresses and started to dance.

milaneleanorYou see the tension disappear and the joy students experience when a move comes together. It’s so amazing. In that hour we learn, we laugh and we joke about being the only class in the leisure center that leaves with a smile on their faces.  We have a fabulous time. I also love the fact that this dance is ageless, you just have to love dance and music.

What does Tribal Belly Dance mean to me? It’s a gathering. A community of like-minded folk connecting through dance, being non-judgmental, leaving their agendas and egos at the door, sharing joy, laughter, and trusting each other. It’s about carrying this philosophy and these values forward in our everyday lives.

I thank Paulette Rees-Denis for all her hard work in pioneering her style of dance, developing this international community, and also for enabling me to be part of it and giving me the skills to share it.  “

Here’s to great dance journeys that keep on going! Let us know yours tales as a student, teacher or appreciator and share your views with me, in the comments below…

Yours in dance,

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