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I hope your week is going well for you and that whenever you get a chance to read this, you have your own good stuff going on with your dance.  Perhaps this may inspire/jolt/push/persuade you to write your own YOUR story about your dance, whether it is Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance (TM) or another style.  Your story may put a grin on someone’s face, are you ready to share?

Today, let me introduce you to Wanda Walker from from Chehalis, Washington, USA…

Capturing the joy! Wanda Walker, Washington USA


“I am a dancer.   As a child moving to my own music on the meadows, ocean beaches and redwood forests of Northern California, children’s ballet recitals to high school dance team, disco club dancing, ballet and modern dance classes, performer, choreographer and ballet school and performing company director.

Now in my early 60’s I am still dancing, but now I dance this captivating Tribal Bellydance.  It’s been just a little over a year that I’ve been on this journey and my mind, body and spirit are on fire with this entrancing dance. Twice a week I make a three-hour round trip to Portland, OR where I study with teachers who are current and former Gypsy Caravan dancers.  I love how my body feels as it expresses itself with the language of this tribal dance, moving to its propulsive music, the exotic aura of ethnic adornment and color, and the beautiful connection made by dancing with women near and far.

Learning all that I can about this dance and its influences has led me to become certified in the Gypsy Caravan Collective Soul and Teacher Training intensives, with the most recent here in Portland in late spring this year with CS2 & 3 and TT1 & 2.

At this stage of my life, it is a true blessing to be enamoured by something so powerful and beautiful.  To traverse the stepping-stones of this pathway so innovatively carved out by Paulette Rees-Denis, and honed by all of the women dancing before me, for which I have the ultimate respect and admiration.  I am grateful.”


This is an ageless, inspiring, energizing dance! Spread the word and join us – and tell me your story  x

Yours in dance, best wishes,



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