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Its a blustery Scottish day today and  I am looking forward to a little practice, shimmying those hips or something more oozy, mayas and takseems…. warming up the body and soul. What’s your favorite, or one of your favorite, pieces of music to dance to, listen to or that conjures up good feelings? Music is such an essential element to our wonderful dance in so many ways.
Today from my Den, that brings you Gypsy Caravan  Tribal Bellydance (TM) tidbits and stories,  I wanted to share one dancer’s special track and connection to music. Gina Lee, a long time Gypsy Caravan Dance Company member, and she also dances with Gypsy Heart in Portland, Oregon. Many will recognize her; she is an outstanding dancer, and here she’s written her thoughts about music magic.


Music evokes emotions and then motion. When I first started learning bellydance, not only was it the new movements I was learning and loving, but the music! Oh, the tribal music, the type of which I’d never heard before. I was hooked. Since my entire bellydance history has been with Gypsy Caravan and its studio, I have been really spoiled. Lucky me.
           Quest is my overall favorite Gypsy Caravan Cd. I remember the Cd release party at the Fez. What a night! I was an audience member but I remember how great the band sounded and the gorgeous GC dancers! It was the first time I’d seen them dressed in just their tribal coin bras, skirts and gauntlets. The band and the dancers were so magical together. I still sigh with happiness when I remember that night.
            My favorite GC song to dance and listen to is Mystery, the first track on the Quest Cd—I love dancing to it at home when I practice and I’ll sometimes use it in class when I lead a drill. It’s a little fast but it has such great energy. The drums, the horns, the didgiridoo… I love it. I’ve never performed to it, unfortunately, but hopefully will someday.
            Gina Lee Gypsy heart By the way, I’m on a constant search for new music that sounds rootsy and tribal-ly like Gypsy Caravan and would welcome recommendations. What do you listen to…comment below! 
Gina Lee, Portland, Oregon
(Dancing with Gypsy Caravan Dance Co, on right)
DSCF6912 737869_10151219109373668_754610862_o mmPicture062 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsome photos of Gina with Gypsy C dancers!
What music gets your hips rocking or swaying? Let’s exchange ideas and keep dancing x

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