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Deirdre’s Dance Den with Richelle Spencer

Last week in Deirdre’s Dance Den, I shared with you the thoughtful words that one of our Australian Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ groups uses when they meet to ground themselves and to set their intention for their dance. It’s not essential:  Sometimes it’s organic, unspoken, or in the moment, like our improvisational dance (with our hips swaying, it emerges in a more articulated way).

Richelle Spencer‘s group from the Free Spirit Gypsies is also in Australia and has been gracious enough to share their story and their dance blessing.

Richelle Spencer
Richelle Spencer
Free SpiritGypsies
Free Spirit Gypsies

“The Free Spirit Gypsies are a vivacious gorgeous bunch of like-minded Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™  tribal obsessed women from Fremantle, Western Australia. Freo is a bit of a hippie town so when we do any gigs there we fit right in with our colorful costuming.

The Gypsies have been dancing together for 10 years in February 2015. There are 6 in the performance troupe and we have quite a lot of beginners waiting in the wings, practicing, drilling and dancing with us all.

Our journey began one evening when our regular Bellydance class teacher had invited a visiting US guest teacher to come in as a surprise, and yes…….it was Paulette and hubby Jeff!

We had the most amazing class! There was lots of circle work, very grounded hip swinging moves, amazing music and Jeff playing some of the instruments you had heard about but never ever actually seen. We were totally hooked and have never looked back.

We love the sense of community it summons when we dance. There are the fabulous repertoire of moves created by Paulette while still being able to dance improvisationally in the moment!

Free Spirit Gypsies Prayer
Free Spirit Gypsies Prayer

There is nothing in the world quite like dancing with your gypsy sistas 🙂 It’s a real blessing.

Our Tribal prayer came about as we felt the need to feel connected before/after we dance and always before any performance. We stand in a circle; hands joined, and look into each others eyes and recite our prayer. It’s very calming, but invokes energy, grounding and connects us all as one. The words came out of brainstorming session on how the dance makes us feel. We then weaved them into our very own tribal prayer. “

“Blessed are the women in our circle of Dance
Blessed be the earth and the heavens above
We honour our ancestors, teachers, and ourselves
and unite in community in the power and passion of life,            music and dance,

United We Dance”

Thank you Richelle, for sharing and for your dance! I am honored to be connected to such dancing souls, sharing with the wider community reinforces our ethos, approach as well as a fabulous dance.

Let me know if this has sparked ideas for you or your group or you already have a mantra, a prayer, a grounding bonding blessing that you share as you dance?

Wishing you the best for your day!


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