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How did this Anthology, Delicious Divas Dancing Dreams A Tribal Dancer’s Anthology, get started? Dreams, visions, ideas…my desire to stay connected, to hear about other’s experiences, and to get dancer’s writing.
Here is an exceprt I wrote, from the Anthology.

This Tribal Bellydance has brought a world of riches to me and my desire over the years has been to spread the word, instigating and encouraging women and men around the globe to come together to dance and make music together. Idealistic, yes, but I see it happening as Tribal evolves and revolves its way across the continents.
Achieving the goal of getting my Master’s Degree in Writing with an empahsis in Publishing in 2007, at age 50, I proceeded to start another publishing company, Cultivator Media Group, and finished writing my part memoir/part experiential book about my experiences along the tribal path, along with other dancer’s journeys (Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Belly Dance, Cultivator Press, 2008).
Part of my newest goal, now, has been not only to get people dancing, but to share their experiences along their own dance journey, since this dance has enriched, empowered, and fulfilled so many women. I see what these dancers go through, daily, monthly, and yearly, and to see them blossom is one of the biggest rewards as a teacher. These stories need to be heard, I kept saying to myself. I can write about them, but why not offer a place for them to write and share? Since I am an avid writer and journaler, I started incorporating writing into some of my classes and workshops, to a full spectrum of responses—fear of slowing down enough to write, fear of getting it out of the head and onto paper, fear of not being a real writer, fear of being heard, but there was much joy too, the joy of realizing thoughts and dreams and being able to put a voice to them and release them to the paper. Writing is such a powerful tool in dreaming, living, and expressing oneself. It can be therapeutic and  healing, a way to empty the brain to move forward, a place to silently acknowledge emotions, a place to dream, to start a story or a poem, and even just a piece of paper to babble on and make lists.

Do you write? What are your dreams and visions? How do you make things happen?

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