The Unveiling


What can I say, after almost 8 months of thinking, planning, changing, and working with incredible new peeps, how over-the-top delighted I am with my new website? Give it a peak….

First I want to say so many thank you’s to Christine Thatcher, from Christine Marie Studio, and her amazing team–Jessica and Chris, for the design and the wisdom and the know-what-I need stuff for my new site. Great to work with, strong-willed and very thorough with dealing with not only desig, but how my dance and writing business needs to be seen, and needs to work for all of you, with ease and readability ( and let me tell you that was no easy feat as my site is chock full of all kinds of Tribal goodness!). Don’t you love it?

And again, I have to thank my Project Manager, Karen Sargeant, who has kept me sane and on target with all of my projects while we have dissected and put together what I want for this website and this amazing growing dance business that I have, with Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™. It is my virtual home and office, this is where I get to meet you, until we gather in person!

And I thank Deirdre Clitheroe, as my guest editor for the Caravan Trails monthly newsletter for the past several months, who has delighted in gathering many of your experiences and joy and put them into an e-format for us to enjoy. That now will be taking more of a bi-weekly format in my blog,Taking Tribal Global, instead of a longer monthly read. To make your reading pleasure much more enjoyable!

And of course, I have to thank all of you, out there throughout the world, who dance, and love, and connect, with me and each other, who have that Tribal spirit, who love themselves and pass on the smile, the encouragement, and have a quest for knowledge and beauty and empowerment, who love to move their body and share that experience of making magic, to make each of us a happier brighter person, and to live a meaningful life. Without your smile and your spirit, I could not continue.

You know, it is such a pleasure to work with great people. Really. People who know what they are doing, have a vision for the future,  have the guts to work it out. It makes coming to work everyday such a pleasure instead of a dread. People, you have to have the right team to work with. It means everything. No matter how great your ideas, or how brilliant you think you are, or how lonely you feel sometimes, or or or… the right people in your tribe, on your team, in your troupe, even in your class, make the world of difference. If you are hanging on to employees or troupe mates or not stepping it up, for whatever reasons, you need to stop now…Take a look around you, what does your gut say? Listen… and act. Scary, vulnerable, anxious, heart opening, you gotta do it.

Here is a poignant and provacative video about coming out of your closet, and I don’t mean just in a sexual way.

Communication can be the hardest thing between folks, but you need to put it out there what you are about. And who you are. Done deal. That’s it. Know what I mean?

So in pushing my business to a different level, stepping it up, moving forward for me, it has made some of my students, my peers, say, whoa, what are you doing? Why the change? And remember, it is okay to move on from someone. Noone is right or wrong. Everyone has their own agenda, their own beliefs. Sure it can hurt if they don’ t think your idea is the greatest thing since swiss cheese, but let go of that and follow your heart.

I am, and I am thrilled. New changes, moving forward, stepping it up (that has been my phrase of the year, for sure!) And I am thrilled to have you along for the journey, for your journey, because what I do is want that for you. As an instigator, and initiator, and an innovator, my work is not always easy, but it is fulfilling. It is my passion. And I get to pass it on to you, and help guide you throught your streets and alleys and cliffs and oceans. Shimmying the whole way!

Here are some great words from business strategist, Tara Gentile:

I have sought to bring people together–with each other and with me–to dramatically increase their chances of success. As a connector & a futurist, I put an extremely high value in creating communities of value so that we can learn from our disparate experiences and put them to good use building the world we want to live in. I believe we should be actively cultivating relationships that bring us closer to the success we crave. And I believe we could all put more time & intention behind that action.  

Amen sister….

So please check out the website and all the links. If you are already signed up to the mailing list, I am sending you, free,  my new 2013 Tribal Manifesto, several pages of heart rendering, simple, loving, life living words. Enjoy. Or sign up as a new subscriber and it will come to you!

Look at the new e-courses coming up, and our fabulous Annual Tribal Vision women’s retreat next April. Check out the tshirts and online courses. the new dates for Collective Soul and Teacher Training Certifications. Get on with your Tribal Grooveself and enjoy!

Thanks again for being here…

in gratitude,


Let me know what you think of the site in the comments below… I love to hear from you…

oh, and pass this on to a friend who might like to subscribe and join in…

**Apr 25-27, 2014

The 21st year…

Tribal Vision, Tribal Bliss– a movement journey

at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit Oregon


A women’s weekend of Tribal Bellydance, and so much more

With me, Paulette Rees-Denis,

and the little spitfire Lynea Gillen, and

add the ever grounded and wise Carol Vance , also from Gypsy Caravan…

just added: Darshan ( Miss Cammi Vance)! adding her amazing dance  and healing skills to our exceptional weekend of  all of that!

January 13-February 3

Tribal Bliss #1- Dance and Vision


A four week on line course with Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen

Read more and register here.

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