Tribal Bliss, coming March 17th!

Registration starts March 14th, save the dates!

Tribal BlissTribal Bliss — Dance and Vision

 … a movement journey

With Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen…

A four week e-course, starting March 17, 2013! Every Sunday for four weeks, you get us in your inbox!

Tribal Dance Vision—Dance And Vision

Oh yeah! We are so excited to share this, finally able to take it out of our dance studio and pass it on through the internet to you.

This is a course for you if you want to dance, write, sparkle, move, stretch, shake it out, write again, shine, dig in, breathe, create, and move some more…

We want you to feel delicious in your body, to be vibrant and healthy and full of vitality. To have some time for yourself, to lavish yourself with empowerment, to experiment with your dance, to feel blissful in your body and to release your mind, soul, and body! By combining our backgrounds of Tribal Bellydance, African Dance, writing, yoga, healing, therapy, trance and meditation, we bring you this new course, first time online, to play with and enjoy over the next four weeks, and to continue on your journey, wherever that leads you. We have taught these ideas separately and together over the past 25 years, and we both just love teaching together. We have seen the need for this type of combined movement and writing classes as we have ventured on the path, the desire to get out of our head and into our bodies more, to write and move and enjoy and release—tension, aches, thoughts, emotions, whatever you need to let go of- then invite in desires and dreams, and to purely enjoy your body and the way you feel like moving.

Lynea and Paulette’s newest collaboration, Tribal Bliss—Dance and Vision, has attracted quite a following. Combining their creative and playful teaching styles, they open students’ hips and hearts with traditional yoga poses and dancing warmups, then, with the support of infectious dance music, take them on a joyful exploration. As one of their student’s states,                                “This class is the most fun I have had since dancing in the living room as a teenager!”

What you get with this course is a downloadable set of worksheets in PDF formats, weekly writing exercises and body prompts, some short video clips of dance and yoga warmups, MP3s of songs, meditations and visualizations, and direction from both of us on the theme of the week. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

What you need to have at the ready is your journal and some favorite writing utensils- pens, colored pencils, crayons, etc; your computer, a timer/alarm clock, preferably a private space to dance, stretch, and move, a quiet space to meditate, and some time to dedicate to your practice. This time could be 15 minutes a day, or a few times a week, your choice.

      For these four weeks we will dance

with the ideas of:

  1.    Bliss
  2.   Empower
  3.  Sooth
  4.   Wish


What do you think? You ready for a movement journey? We would love you to join us.

Sign up starts March 14th, so be ready as the course starts on the March 17th!

Cost of this course is just $48.00. Yes, you read right!  Four weeks with all of that goodness, since this is the first time we are offering it. The price will raise a bit as we continue…

Watch this space for when it is time to sign up! will let you know… just save the dates …

Please include your name and email address. We will email you back a confirmation, and then will email you on the first day with you work for week one. We will include some music downloads, but you may want to peruse your personal collection and  purchase other songs to dance to. We will also include a recommendation list of music and books, blogs, website, etc. for you to check out at your leisure.

Alrighty then… get yourself registered and we will see you online.


A bit more info about us!

Paulette Rees-Denis is the innovator and instigator of Tribal Bellydance. She has been teaching this Gypsy Caravan style of dance for 25 years with performance and workshops around the globe. Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Belly Dance, her book, was released in 2008. She received her Master’s in Writing and Publishing as a 50th birthday wish to herself, in 2007. With her knowledge of dance, writing, and the body, she brings a sense of laughing joy, creative passion and that burning fire of aliveness to her dance and her teachings…

Lynea Gillen is a lifelong educator dedicated to the development of human spirit. Her dance passion started as a young girl when she created fairy dances under an ancient maple tree in her back yard. She has over 30 years of dance training in modern, jazz, African dance and Belly dance. She has studied yoga for over 30 years and has been teaching for 15 years.  She brings a holistic, lyrical and compassionate touch to her yoga and dance teaching.

 go to Vimeo to watch some of Paulette and Gypsy Caravan’s Talking Tribal Vlogs with Paulette and Lynea:





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