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Allie Joseph Master Teacher Chillicothe Ohio
Richelle Spencer Master Teacher Freemantle Australia
Misha Cain Nell Master Teacher Sarasota FL


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Says Certified Teacher in Boise, Idaho–Akasha Mae

“Tribal Grooves® class is so fun! You feel worked, beautiful, open-hearted, and relaxed when you’re done! It’s a no pressure, dancing, strengthening, stretching good time! And I am honored and so, so excited to be teaching it! I love the whole concept of it and have been really getting into the fitness world recently, as well, as it happens. I’m excited, to also open a lot more doors from belly dance and, even technique classes down the road for some, with these classes!”

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80’s Theme Tribal Grooves with Master Teacher Misha Cain Nell


Christmas fun with Master Teacher Allie Joseph

Tribal Grooves with Sue Portors
Tribal Grooves Fun with Allie