Tribal Trance Dance–Friday Night Series

We are excited to announce our new dance series!

Please join us for this introspective and exhilarating Friday night, once a month series…



*Tribal Trance Dance*


Friday Night Series

in Portland




Join Paulette Rees-Denis,

Karen Harte, and Lynea Gillen

For six Fridays, once a month,

starting on Friday, October 23rd, 6:30-8pm

Join us for different ways and methods of using dance, with the tribal bellydance background, for trance and healing. This is your time to explore your dance, free your dance, dance with the elements, dance with your sisters, shake your booty, sweat and groove, chant and meditate, journal and write, with a bit of ritual and prayer in our fabulous tribal bellydance way! All styles and levels of dancers are welcome.

October 23– Ritual Trance Dance with Karen and Lynea

Why do we trance and dance?

“Dance is a spiritual channel, an opening of metaphysical and sensuous doorways. Every dancer knows her goal: to get to that point where the body no longer stands in the way but becomes the instrument of the soul’s expression, the body, and psyche working together.”

Please register in advance, At Om Studio, 14 NE 10th, near Burnside

November 13– Tribal Trance Dance and writing, with Paulette and Lynea, location TBA

December 18– Celebrate Solstice with yoga, meditation, and writing, with

Paulette and Lynea

January 8– Healing Tribal Trance Dance

February TBA– African/high energy healing

March 19– Tribal Trance Dance

*Locations may vary, please check in!

$15-$25 sliding scale, space is limited, please pre-register,


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