We are back!

What a weekend the caravan clan has had… back from our road trip to sepastopol, CA for the 9th annual tribal fest dance festival! 2 cars full of dancers, and Jeff the musician 🙂

Not only performing, but we made it a weekend of laughing, sightseeing, tasting wine, meeting new and old friends, teaching workshops, watching lots of performances, and shopping… we all took lots of photos, soon to be posted. The Gypsy Caravan Dance Company had a great show on Saturday night, with the Collective International from Italy joining the Portland Collective!

And a long drive home, 13 1/2 hours… but we did it. I feel like I’ve been on the road for so many weeks, from Breitenbush, to Spain, to California. Home for two week before I start again, time to get reorganized and grounded at home, with my man, my animals, and my garden…

ok, more posts as the photos come in!

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