Why Collective Soul Gypsy Caravan’s Tribal Bellydance Intensive?

Why Collective Soul — Gypsy Caravan’s Tribal Bellydance Intensive? 

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My mission as a dancer, teacher, trainer, coach, writer, and musician, is to be the tribal hostess, the tribal matrix, to bring you all together, collectively—through the collective unconscious, but also individually to ignite your passion, and to share the love. I am dedicated to you.

I am here to help you radiate, foster your creativity, to empower you, through your body, your mind, your words, and your soul—connecting all together to get your groove on, to move it and to be it. To dance your talk. I want you to get that connection for yourself, then have your dance, your work, and your life, be full of compassion, a lust for living with your own personal, creative spark; and then to share that spark and support each other’s flame! For when you are empowered, full of grace, beauty, compassion, and sexy creative juices, you can do what you really truly want. You can live your life to the fullest, then spread all of that, plus the love, around you 360 plus degrees!

With and through this dance, I want to guide you—your body, your brain, your soul— and support you, teach you, share the love, share my art, move our bodies with power and grace and beauty, to teach you about acceptance, cultural diversity,  to coax the words out of you, to create with originality, individuality, to unite the tribes and to open your heart and soul to the beauty that you are. To do what and be who you love. Simple!

This Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® format now is worldwide—a structured, non-verbal language of universal moves that make a great foundation with which to build different styles and dialects of dance, but with a unifying core. Woo hoo…Because we all have it within us to move our bodies. Basic as a heart beat. And we can dance together.

With relentless innovation and inspiration I have created the context with which to learn how and what it means to be a creative, a dancer, an artist, a teacher, a performer: this is my Gypsy Caravan format of Tribal Bellydance, and it rocks. And it works! This tribal bellydance is an intuitive, soul opening, life and body-changing dance, which is accessible and safe for all ages, a dance for everybody and every body. To be a dancer, a tribal bellydancer, means to be in the moment, and to share the artistic freedom and connection with another, or in a group, or within a troupe. Ultimately this style is not a solo dance, it is a dance of and for the people, meant to be danced together, as an inclusive and continuing circle.

But to do the work, one needs to focus on self first!

angie neylan wimmer photo CS1 certificateWe can dance as we do dishes, we dance in the studio, we dance around the campfire, we dance in our living rooms, on the stage and on the streets. And it feels GREAT! (yes, I’m shouting…)

My Tribal Intensive Certification Programs: Collective Soul and Teacher Training

Over the years, with teaching my weekly classes and my weekend workshops and master classes, I have answered lots of questions, and taught a zillion dancers the basics to the advanced technique and ideas of tribal bellydance, bringing the dancers around the world closer together with this common non-verbal language—an idealistic dream from when I first started out, within the last sixteen or so years of the almost 30 that I’ve been dancing this dance, this dream is a fast-growing reality. How awesome is that? I’m beyond myself with excitement when I see student/dancer/friends of mine growing and blossoming and sharing and thriving from their passion too!

And why is it called Collective Soul?

(yes, I know there is a band by that name!) Because this dance is so primal, so intuitive in our bodies and our souls, that as we dance, either in person, or on the internet, together we hook into our collective unconscious (a term coined by the psychologist Carl Jung to talk about the collective intuitive knowledge in all of us), and join hearts, bodies, and souls, with this amazing dance form.

What do you get from me if you take Collective Soul?

My desire is:
*to empower you as a human being and a dancer
*to assist you in becoming the artist you are/can be
*to see you follow your dreams and live your desires
*to give you the tools to further your dance and your artistry
*to bring you together with other like-minded dancers from around the globe
*to challenge you and your body and your soul…good stuff!

It is a party, a revolution, an evolution, a dance class, a sharing, a taking, a giving, a receiving of a wealth of personal power and dance education.

Each level of CS adds more dance training, ideas, dreams, and challenges. And a pre-req for the Teacher Training!
No, it is not a show up and get certified course, you must work for it.

No, it is not for everyone. It is for the dancer who loves to dance and dive in, who wants to love herself, who is up for the heart and soul opening, who is up for joining tribes around the globe, to be a part of a universal movement, with no egos, no tricks, no gimmicks, no trends. But lots of rewards, acknowledgements, empowerment, body strengthening, physically challenging, mind altering, soul loving. oh yea!









it is coming to you ONLINE, starting August 2nd… for four weeks…


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my Certified Master Teachers are teaching this in person globally…

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  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Amanda Richardson–November 7-8, 2015 and February 19th-22nd, 2016, Collective Soul Level 1 & Level 2
  • Perth, Australia with Nina Martinez – June 2rd – 6th, Collective Soul level 1 & Level 2 
  • Innisfail, Australia with Nina Martinez — September 2nd–6th, Collective Soul level 1 & Level 2
  • Mexico City, Mexico with Paulette — September 23rd-29th, Collective Soul Levels 3, plus Teacher Training Level 1
  • Glasgow, Scotland with Deirdre Macdonald —  October 1-4, 2015, Collective Soul Levels One and Two
  • Auckland, New Zealand with Nina Martinez — September, 2015


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email dance@gypsycaravan.us for info now!

What are dancers saying about the Collective Soul Online and in person experiences?

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Irina- TT1 certificate

carolyn hardy- CS1 certificate image photo 4 cs1 innisfail 2014 collective soul level one grads, Italy 2014

Thank you SO very much! I’m just bursting with excitement and humbled gratitude. This was one of the best dance experiences ever, and certainly the best online one. Thank you so very very much. I appreciate all the feedback and will definitely work on everything. MN

I loved the entire course, I loved knowing other dancers were out there around the planet, drilling, dancing, coming to grips with moves, getting tired and hot  (us in the tropics)  or cold (the russian crew ) and yet we all were dancing and learning and feeling connected through Gypsy Caravan and the awesomely amazingly Paulette who is such a great role model of commitment and desire and a bundle of energy which fostered a desire to excel. DSC

  I feel stronger in my technique and feel more graceful with my movements. I have a greater sense of joy when dancing and feel inspired to learn more. I’ve enjoyed the meditations and breath work, it is close to what I do within my own spiritual path. Journaling has opened up a great depth of understanding for me. And so much fun…

I feel a sense of accomplishment and re-inspired to continue dancing with joy in my heart. This method has worked well for my life- I found the videos easy to work from and the feedback was very helpful. This experience was more than what I had expected- though there are limitations to working via video and online groups- there is a real connection with the other students and instructor.
 The certification, for me it shows a commitment to my personal studies with my dance. I’m looking forward to continuing to more CS levels- There is so much I’ve learned since CS1 and CS2- I plan to keep refining and exploring while getting the moves “more in the body”. 

 I came to Collective Soul and Teacher Training during a “pause” in my dance path.   After dancing with a troupe for three years I realized I needed time away from performing, time for my development, time to re-group. I had taken several workshops with Paulette and really liked her approach and style of teaching – it was clear and incorporated elements of spirituality and community that I was craving. I chose Collective Soul and Teacher Training to fulfill my desire to develop into the best dancer I could be. CS1 arizona 2012

Collective Soul is a rich playground of discussion, journaling, meditating, stretching, learning, laughing, feeling like you’re never going to get a move and then getting it (finally!), being forced to do 20 minute zil drills on the left side, dancing and bonding with other women, facing the wall and being tested, we have developed. H. G.

 Thank you Paulette! There is such a depth and width to this Gypsy Caravan Style of tribal bellydance. When it truly grips your heart, then you will know how meaningful this Collective Soul experience can be, at least that is true for me.
This process of learning and being in this dance brings up joy, bliss, challenge, frustration, ego, sister love, communication, healing, and more and more and more. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you let it, it will reveal the truth of who you are.
What draws to me to this dance is the organic, wholistic, and all encompassing fullness that it brings to my life, and the amazing connections with lovely dancers locally and around the globe. That is Collective Soul!
Again, thank you Paulette for your knowledge, wisdom, and heart, and your Fabulousness!! J.W.

I did not expect to learn so deeply this past week. Thank you for being you; for providing dancers like me with a structure that will let us shine and carry on the beauty of Tribal Dance. S.J.

The CS1 training is an absolute pleasure and a joy. It has given back to me some very much needed confidence. Confidence in myself as a person, as a dancer and as a teacher. I know deep down inside that I am capable of so much more. I am better equipped to encourage and inspire my own students and share with them the learning and knowledge I have. Having studied with Paulette and gained an insight into the true meaning of tribal bellydance, it makes me feel that I want to rush out and convert everyone else to the Gypsy Caravan philosophy. W. H.

Doing the CS1 and TT1 has helped me to develop my dance personally, helped me to grow with it. I find I am dancing with more confidence. It has inspired me to develop further, take more courses, workshops and learning. I am always eager to learn more and more. I find I have studied myself more closely, my posture, my presentation, my projection, so that I can dance to the best of my ability and really be me when I dance. WH

To any embarking on this journey of dance, you cannot find a better teacher, mentor or guide than Paulette. She is an inspiration to all who meet her and anyone who is interested in studying this style of tribal bellydance. She is also a very down-to-earth, friendly, knowledgeable, spiritual but grounded person. WH



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