Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance Teacher Training Certification Intensive!

Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance®

Teacher Training  Certification Intensives for 2023!

 “GC Teacher Training was so worth it! Paulette Rees-Denis provided so much information and truly helped equip me to teach. A friend of mine also teaches bellydance (another style) and she is so impressed with the thoroughness of my notes from your online course.” TD

Online and in person intensives with Paulette Rees-Denis and the GC Master Teachers 

for 2023… TBA

Take the journey, follow your dreams and desires.

Be the teacher you know you can be…


Taking your dance further down the Tribal path of life, and deeper within yourself comes these six levels of intensive Teacher Training. Pre-Requisite is to be certified in Collective Soul first –you start with the Collective Soul Certification program to get you geared up with the knowledge of our amazing dance form… so click here for the Collective Soul course information.

Time now for you to get your Tribal on, and your dancing dreams happening…

Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance® training stands for fun and hard work, artistic expression, and creativity, beauty and empowerment, plus building physical strength and flexibility for all ages. We believe in dancing safely, and for the joy of the dance. It becomes a lifestyle!

This style is a dance for everyone no matter what age or size. As women, it is an intuitive dance, coming from deep inside our wombs, our collective unconscious. We stress health, fitness, and good eating, with personal and group connection. We dance with historical knowledge but knowing that our dance is relevant to our contemporary lives. We dance because we have to move, but most importantly, we dance for exhilarating enjoyment, along with the magical community connection of Tribal.

 Do you need guidance for your dream dance classes, and a kick start to get your business off the ground?

Desire help with directing your dance career?

Our desire is:

  • to guide you to continue on your dream path
  • to help you to teach the proper dance technique, develop deeper strength training, and body awareness skills
  • to assist you with business skills to grow your dance business and presence
  • to challenge and empower you as a dancer and a teacher
  • to honor your body, your spirit, and your mind
  • to joyfully bring you together with other like-minded dancers from around the globe..

In Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® Teacher Trainingusing the skills from Collective Soul, along with our downloadable Teacher Training manual, and either in person or online, we pass on to you:

  • Information and skills on how to build a profitable and successful career
  • The core foundation skills of the dance, in consecutive order and levels
  • Many ideas on health and fitness
  • How to advertise, schedule, and build on your training
  • How to apply artistic skills in levels, to build your own classes and establish a tribe!
  • Getting you started writing your own Manifesto!
  • How to be an effective instructor, including:
    • How to talk out loud, listen quickly, and teach dynamically
    • How to break down a move, efficiently, in many different ways
    • How to maintain control of your class and keep the energy healthy and empowering
  • You will be tested at the end of the four week session. If you are not ready to be tested at the end of the four weeks, you take the time you need and do it when we are both ready…no worries at all! I want you to be successful and feel comfortable and confident with this material and your dance!
  • Pre-requisite for Teacher Training Level One…Collective Soul Level One, Online  

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Your commitment to me

Time to FOCUSFor this program we will focus on my Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance® only. You must have a commitment to yourself and us that you will continue to train and acquire dance skills, maintain your physical health, and be ethical in your art and business practices. We have a private Facebook page where you can connect with the other dancers around the globe, ask questions, make your announcements, travel to meet and dance with the others. How exciting is that?! There is a yearly check-in for any maintenance questions you may have, and to make sure that your advertising is the best it can be.

You will be listed in our GC Tribal Teacher Directory, on our website, so that dancers can find you for classes! Added benefits may include participating in our blogs, Heart and Hustle videos, and assistance with advertising your classes. You can bring Paulette and her Master Teacher team to you, to teach these intensives at your studio, for your tribe and community! To find out more about our Teacher Training Program, click here:

 Spread the Tribal Love!

This is the course for you if you have that special calling to be a Tribal Bellydance instructor!

How to be a super fabulous and empowered teacher

This intensive Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance® Teacher Training Program has been developed over Paulette’s 30 years of dance teaching and performing, along with a business savvy. Her methods have proven to be quite effective, with an organized and logically structured format, while still keeping the “fun” factor in the dance classes.

This intensive teacher-training course will back up your knowledge of our GC Tribal style, and introduce you to the concepts of the Global Caravan (formerly known as Gypsy Caravan Format).

Want to start a class, open a studio, find your voice?

We will give you the movements, language, structure, and business skills, broken down into skill and class levels, so that you may begin to teach Tribal Bellydance the Global Caravan way. Our desire is for you to be a successful teacher and business owner, and to assist you so that your students love your classes and the dance, and want to keep on dancing!

I have so much to thank you for, and yet so much to learn from you! I wanted to let you know I am proud to be Gypsy Caravan Teacher Training 1 Certified!!”
Martha R.

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Want to see a list of all the dancers around the globe who are Certified? Both Collective Soul and Teacher Training?  Click here.

Our Global Caravan Master Teachers,

Bringing you the Collective Soul Experience, Certification Intensives, workshops, and more:

Certified Level Five:

Deirdre Macdonald – Scotland

Nina Martinez – Australia

Christine Haviland – New Zealand

Certified Level Four:

Deirdre Macdonald – Scotland

Amanda Richardson – US  

Nina Martinez – Australia

Christine Haviland – New Zealand

Certified Level Three:  

Deirdre Macdonald – Scotland,

Amanda Richardson – Oregon,

Cinzia DiCioccio – Italy,  

Nina Martinez – Australia

Christine Haviland – New Zealand






Levels One and Two

Misha Cain Nell – Florida

Angie Neylan Wimmer – Rhode Island

Allie Joseph – Ohio





Gypsy Caravan Certified Principal Teacher Training Program!

bringing you exciting Gypsy Caravan workshops around the globe!

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Level Two certified!

Level One certified