A Tribal Dancer’s Anthology, Volume 2-an Ebook!


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Delicious Divas Dancing Dreams…The next volume in the series…

Continuing on with the stories, the heart, the soul of thirteen dancers around the globe, sharing their experiences around art, creativity, life, the dance….

An e-book with photos, poems, stories, beautifully designed for you……order now and we will send you the link for a downloadable PDF…

Enjoy sharing the journey….

Hilary Giovale writes:

Have you ever tasted Tribal Magic? It’s not a funky 90-proof homebrew, but it may be as addictive. It’s my term for the unique synergy that sometimes
occurs when a group of Tribal dancers move together in sync. 

Tribal Magic is when you take the slightest glance at your leader’s body – a shoulder, a hip, or an
elbow – and you know exactly what she’s going to do next. It’s when, without thought or effort, the dip and sway of your hips matches each other exactly. Tribal
Magic happens when you become so tuned in with each other that you transcend thought – it’s just bodies moving connectedly through space, flowing perfectly
with each other and the music. Tribal Magic holds you and your partners together like magnets – an energetic field that draws you together and keeps you in
place as you move around each other. Tribal Magic is in the eye contact you make around the circle or in a duet, seeing your own beauty and divinity reflected on
the faces and bodies of the other dancers. Namaste….


Myla Stauber writes:

Dance saved my life. I don’t mean that to sound overdramatic. My inner life. Dance was that personal inroad to me, to get
me in touch and keep me in touch with the part of myself that needs attending so that I may attend to the needs of all others
and even my own Muse which keeps me writing and hopefully one day publishing.

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