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Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International, continues to grow and evolve while it revolves around the planet, with Paulette’s Master Teachers and global troupe mates:  Misha Cain Nell–Florida, Angie Neylan Wimmer–Rhode Island, Sherry Coffey—Florida, Allie Joseph–Ohio, Nina Martinez—Australia, Cinzia DiCioccio—Italy, Deirdre Macdonald—Scotland, Christine Haviland—New Zealand, Richelle Spencer—Australia, and join together with the Portland, Oregon contingent of the Gypsy C. dancers—Paulette Rees-Denis, Jamie Sprague, Amanda Richardson, and Karen Hunt.

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What is Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®?

This Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® signature styling is an eclectic, invigorating, and elegant fusion based on urban, folk, ritual, trance, bellydance, and modern dances. With a background in classical dance training, I have created this rich blend of contemporary movement, based on our common non-verbal language and group improvisation, which is aesthetically pleasing, spiritually grounding, and physically rewarding.

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The Gypsy Caravan Dance Company delight in their exciting projects and possibilities with the continuing explosion of tribal! Together and separately these global dancing mavens are ecstatic to share this exquisite flavor of  Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® as it celebrates life, each other, and the community with you! Paulette and her dancers teach around the world, fulfilling her dream of Taking Tribal Global, empowering women, bringing dancers together to unite the tribes, and living life to its fullest, every day.

The journey is about spreading the tribal love–moving our bodies to honor and love ourselves, our individual and collective creativity.  The main focus is to feel freakin’ fabulous and to honor each other. Through all that we empower the world with love and joy—that’s the trickle down effect!

Enjoy the Gypsy Caravan Dance Company’s gift of dance, as they share the magical energy and camaraderie of dancing together, the celebration of this beautiful planet, with the sheer joy of creating art with improvised and synchronistic movement based on ancient goddess influences, multi-cultural feminine dance stylings,  and contemporary dance!

Meet the Gypsy Caravan Dancers

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And you can watch many performances from around the globe and over the years, here.

A mass of swaying hips, undulating bellies, hands upon hands upon hands with arms moving snake-like, strangely synchronous; watch closely as these powerfully sensuous women wrap you in their web of enchanting improvisation. Haunting horns calling you from the desert, earthly drums bring you back to the beginning of time; forlorn melodies sung from the deepest of souls, Gypsy Caravan invites you to join them on a journey back to the cradle of civilization. Woolen yarns, billowing silk, and jangling metal add texture to delight the senses, reminding you of the millions of women who came before us. A tribute to the past, created in the present, borrowing from many cultures and full of today’s urban spirit, feel your tribal soul coming to life, echoing our cries for life and freedom.
This dance is an esthetically pleasing blend of the folkloric, nomadic, and classical dances of the Middle East, Spain, India, Egypt, but with our contemporary twist as dancers of today. Physically challenging and spiritually grounding, this tribal belly dance is about the empowerment of the dancers as they improvisationally and collectively dance in their circle, a community of all sizes and ages. It is a dance for every body.

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Read much more in Paulette’s exciting book,

Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Bellydance! here…tribal vision cover

the Caravan Project- logo updatedthe Caravan Project–Tribal Bellydance Music!  New CD — The Walk To Nowhere — released May 2015!

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the Tribal bellydance band with Jeff Rees, Ruben Ramirez, Lyndsey Blythe…

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They’ve got that Tribal groove, that boomin’ davul, the rousing mijwiz to get your hips shakin and your heart pounding…


or the past music of the world renowned Gypsy Caravan band?

 and seven CDs of awesome original danceable tribal bellymusic…

Available by digital download, and still a few physical CDs still available…go here!!

caravan Mizna CD cover51Mf3b78lrL._AA115_ (1) gypsy_caravan-remarkably-remixed-v2 quest cover color migration_lg image-1 awakening-front-cover

Over the years Gypsy Caravan band has had many opportunities to play for dancers around the globe, and been featured on their recordings offering to the public.

Just a few of those have been:

 Zafira Dance Company, Caravan Serai,  US, Travel through Dance

Stefanie Masters, US, Dance For the Soul

Zaghareet troupe, Canada, Help T.V. 2007

Nesimah, Germany, Tribal Style Dance 2003

Melissa, World Dance, Cardio Bellydance Workout

Belly Dance Televsion

Dud Muurmand and Gypsy Mystique Dancers, Germany 2005

Taaj, Belly Dance Basics, 2004

Gothic Bellydance, the darker side of fusion