Live from Berbati’s and Key Largo CD-for digital download



Live from Berbati’s and Key Largo

The Gypsy Caravan is a community of dancers and musicians dedicated to maintaining ancient traditions while embracing contemporary life. This compilation is dynamic and mesmerizing with all explosive pounding drums, snakey melodies, super danceable, full of live energy, wow…

With Jeff Rees, Bruce Beaton, Peter Archer, David Rolin, John Schanck, Lila Sklar. 1996

Available in digital download format.


Amanda 1 2:26
Gypsy Trail, 3 2:52
Douce Dame Jolie 2:32
Hoop Trance 2:29
Desert Moon 4:08
St Sarah 2:15
Shtomilomilo 2:22
Sidewinder 4:41
Amanda 3:10
Dave’s Tribal 2:16
Carolyn’s Walk 6:11
Tusk 4:33
Pestle 5:58
Saidi Waltz 3:25
La Danze Serpiente 5:11
Caravan Baladi 5:38
Fatana 8:00

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Beautiful MusicBy Jennifer N. Bauters 

Though I understand that different people prefer different music, I must admit this was amazing. The instruments used and the music played didn’t even make it seem like it was “live” at all! I felt like it was a great quality recording, even the clapping, which may not have been originally part of it, seemed like it belonged there. It’s just a wonderful CD and fantastically beautiful music.

**Love it!By Sharon V Walker 

Love this album! Been looking for a certain song and found much much more! Love this purchase! Listening to it now!

**great albumBy akeelahtalibah 

I love this cd. it is a live recording, and worth every cent paid for it.

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