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Mizna, which means a cloud in the desert, perform a stylized blend of the music of North Africa, Spain, India, the Middle and Near East, with a contemporary American sensibility. Both lively and thoughtful, this group evokes the lonely campfire of the hejira as well as the silken wealth of the caravanserai.

With a large assortment of horns and strings providing the melodic components, backed by an equally impressive array of drums and percussion instruments, the twelve songs on the Mizna CD, range from pensive and moody to buoyant uptempo tunes. Mizna plays all original compositions on a variety of traditional instruments, such as the Egyptian mijwiz, Turkish zurna and saz, African djembe and the Indian naal. From Portland, Oregon, Mizna featured two members from Gypsy Caravan, Jeff Rees and Bruce Beaton, who have released seven CDs under the Gypsy Caravan Productions label, and introduced two musicians, Doug Shafer and JD Devros. 2006


Caravan to India 6:35
Colleena 4:31
Hijaz Traveler 6:12
Turkish Blue 4:13
New Path 3:41
Wazm 6:35
Riverboat Song 2:54
Running in the Alleys 3:40
Vidya Adhipati 7:13
Rif Mountains 4:27
Khadija 3:55
Tafilalet 5:12
Wazm 7:47

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