Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan’s Tribal Bellydance Class #4-Tribal Drilling



This is a three part workout- Grooves and Drilling, with a mini choreo to follow!

Dance and drill for about 50 minutes with these three videos on Vimeo…

(ppssttt…these are included in The Tribal Quest Experience, so no need to purchase if you are in that course!)

1. Paulette’s Tribal Grooves-Drilling and Chilling

Join Paulette for a 30 minute workout….

warming up, drilling, and more drilling…no technique break down here, just some good drilling…work up a glisten, get your body pumped up… for dancers and non-dancers.
We use the Tribal Repertoire, from simple to a bit more complex, with some stretches and repetitions, on both right and left sides…
list of moves included with video

2. Tribal Groove with Paulette Rees-Denis–to the Gypsy Caravan song, Stick Dance

Dance along with Paulette to the song, Stick Dance, follow and get in the zone…

almost 10 minutes with no instruction, just drilling, right and left sides… use your eyes, trust your body, let it move without using your head! Follow and flow…get your glisten on!

3. Tribal Grooves–Tribal choreo with Paulette Rees-Denis

to the Gypsy C. song, St. Peter — about another 10 minute dance drill for you!

Don’t you love me?!!

As always, listen to your body. Make sure you warm up and cool down before dancing, don’t do anything if it doesn’t feel good on your body. Dance at your level and build your strength, stamina, and muscle memory! Paulette Rees-Denis is not responsible for any injuries incurred while using her online courses…

Have fun, and repeat often….

Purchase and we will email you the link and secret passwords for all three!



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