Tribal Technique Volume 10 – for Digital Download


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Tribal Technique Volume 10 – for Digital Download

with Paulette Rees-Denis and Nina Martinez, of Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, International and guest dancer Sienna
Snappy Intermediate combos, Turns, and Partnering Ideas

In this Technique DVD #10 we build on our ever growing and exciting repertoire of steps, with combos and partnering concepts to use as ideas for group improvisation. To help you learn new steps and add variations, we include a warm-up, our technique section, and several practice sessions so you can drill the moves and work on transitions, and we include a few moves from past DVDs to get you up dancing! Remember that all of these Tribal technique DVDs are sequential and build upon the previous sessions. Drill, drill, drill. Be the best dancer you can be, and most importantly, have fun!

Many thanks for joining us on our tribal travels as we Take Tribal Global. May you continue to dance on your journey with peace and passion!

The ten dance moves included in this Volume are:
Directional shimmy combo
Salsa step
Propeller turn
Triangle pestle (turning)
Hip offering combo (with Arabic box)
Heel drop combo
With partner:
Alternating Arabic
Shimmy around
Orbit one
Orbit two


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