A Tribal Dancer’s Anthology- a free Ebook- Volume 1, 2009!


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Delicious Divas Dancing Dreams
A Tribal Dancer’s Anthology

D-Quad 2008-2009, Volume One,  Cultivator Press

This is a short ebook of a collection of writing from dancers around the globe, sharing their dance and themselves…sometimes broken open, sometimes ecstatic…and much more….
Lovely. Delightful, Colorful and emotional. Thank you for sharing. Here is the year’s collection in one volume, and I hope it will continue to inspire each of you, and remind you of the different paths and journeys we all have, but it takes all of us to complete our circle. As dancers, as writers, as life’s journey women and men. Let us continue to write about the dance.

Seventeen dancer contributed words, artwork, experiences, poetry. And richly laid out in a PDF format…Experience the dance through their eyes…

just a sampling!

Lynea Gillen shares:

Treasure chest
A flash of color in the distance.
A deep red ruby?
Moving closer there are flashes of white light.
Golden threads.
Silver Bangles.
A turquoise medallion.
Bosoms, arms, bellies
The soft pink of rose quartz
Obsidian black,
And the deep brown
Of Smoky Quartz.
One woman looks your way.
Ah, there’s the tiger’s eye.
And in another’s glance,
Sapphire blue.
No treasure chest richer
Than this tribe of dancing beauties.

Myla Stauber writes:

My electrification by the appearance of Gypsy souls can be traced to the red brick stairs of Pioneer Courthouse Square dur- ing India Fest, a decade ago. There were dancers that day and there were more dancers, polished and fine, and then there were THOSE dancers. OH HOW COOL! THEY HAVE SWORDS!

I wanted to yell; stand up and point, look, LOOK you people sitting here, look, that’s just how I want to be… that’s just how I …am. I want to be more of that!

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