Breaking Down the Walls, Paulette’s poetry book!



Breaking Down the Walls, My Life Shorts

…Paulette’s  poetry book!

is now available here in soft cover!










and is also available on Amazon, here!

39 poems, life shorts…

What are others saying about this book?

Bobbie S. writes: This is a raw, exposed, insightful, awe-inspiring and empowering view into the life, thoughts, and emotions of Paulette. Through a combination of everyday and unexpected moments wrapped together, the reader experiences an intimate view of the author and the colorful life she has lived.

Want to feel grateful, beautiful, motivated? Read on. Paulette Rees-Denis has imbued her poetry with her shining life-affirming energy. It’s a gift for readers who want to be inspired.-Cindy Brown, Author of the Ivy Meadows theater mysteries 

Paulette’s poetry is both bold and tender. She invites the reader to taste all the flavors of life, and to pause to savor the moments of beauty and magic.
-Lynea Gillen, Author of Yoga Calm for Children, Little Bany Chicken, and Good People Everywhere
Paulette Rees-Denis is a true storyteller of the body. She shimmies through language to reveal the ancient dance our souls do when no one is looking. 
-Gerri Ravyn Stanfield, author of Revolution of the Spirit: Awaken the Healer
An inspirational and transformative collection of deeply personal poems for mind, body, and soul.
-Pamela Smith Hill, NY Times Best Selling Author

Paulette is an


Dance and Desire…inspiring expression and wellness through dance and words…

As a force of feminine celebration and a movement motivator, Paulette’s passion and work is ultimately about guiding you on your journey through Transformational Lifestyle Coaching—Movement, Momentum, and Magic—to guide you to follow your soul desires through movement and dance, words, and personal creative freedom while opening to your wild spirit and your individual beauty.

She is the global Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®  and Tribal Grooves ® Director, and the author of Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Belly Dance, and Skin Stories: Layers of Life.

She has published three Dancer Anthologies of art, poetry, and stories, plus a plethora of dance DVDs, online classes, and eight music CDs with her publishing company, Cultivator Press/Cultivator Media Group. Paulette writes for a variety of international magazines, plus runs a weekly blog and Heart and Hustle Live on Facebook, and hosts  Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, a bi-monthly video blog interview series.

While training and teaching dancers around the globe, she also certifies teachers and Master Teachers in her internationally recognized style.

Paulette is honored to bring you the inner and the outer work with all the tools to live a rich, joyful, life!

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