Graceful Goddess, with Nina, from the Gathering 2022



Graceful Goddess with GC Master Teacher, Nina Martinez

this is from our online festival, the Gathering 2022

Nina presents:

Bringing grace to your dance means:

-building your body’s core strength- for fluidity, strength and stamina

-to breathe through each movement

– focusing on the inhale, exhale, and how the body flows with the breath

-coordination of movement by the repetition of drills, disciple of a personal dance regime

-a self awareness of your body and spirit, feeling grounded to the earth, drawing on your inner goddess/divinity to express your art/emotion through dance

Nina brings your 4 videos including:

Stretches and poses to assist with strength and flexibility.

Foundation Global Caravan Dance steps


Adding transitions to your dance

Graceful Global Caravan Dance steps

Adding a basket and/or sword to the workshop moves.

N0t available in the 1/2 price summer sale!


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