Tribal Connection- Strength Training with Angie, Volume #1



The Tribal Connection

Strength Training Volume #1 with
Angie Neylan Wimmer
and Tanya Gorriaran Goodwin


Angie says:
Dance on its own is a wonderful experience, but we don’t want to neglect to build strength in our bodies. This workout brings together different cross training modules to focus on building strength and flexibility throughout the entire body. I’ve also included the Spinal Flex Kriya, a Kundalini yoga technique that opens the energy pathways along your spine and chakras. The workout is broken into different modules that focus on body sections. You can add to your dance practice by adding a different module to your warm up. Or you can do the entire workout modules for a complete workout session.  Mix it up, have fun with it. Start by lighting some incense, and set this time aside for yourself. This is the beginning of this new journey and this is for YOU! Enjoy. Repeat often! about 40 minutes…

Spinal flex: Music: Vidya Adhipati, by Mizna
Abs:  Voodoo Break by Gypsy Caravan
Arms:  Shalah’s River by The Caravan Project
Lower Body: Voodoo Break by Gypsy CaravanMusic by Gypsy Caravan : Voodoo Break
copyright 2019


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