The Fun-da-mentals of Chorus with Angie!




The Fun-da-Mentals of Chorus with Angie Wimmer

from the Gathering 2022

Angie brings 3 videos for you!

Purpose: Explore Concepts for Chorus line

Chorus description:

Chorus is not just a back drop to the dance space. It’s an interactive support formation to the dance. It has its own separate and connected vibe which impacts the dance. It adds to the community of the dance experience while developing a conversation between dancers.

3 videos to bring you:

Chorus Shapes: Chorus formations have their own shape that can heighten and define the dance space. Each Shape brings its own unique energy and creativity to the dance.

Leader Switching: Movement with intention- Using easy to move with movements that translate well in all  directions with lines, clusters, circles, cascading, and more!

Developing Chorus and Dance Space Formations

Advanced Concepts of Chorus formations

And drilling!

In a nut shell- Cause really you can go nuts with Chorus concepts!!

1. have fun with chorus there is so much you can do with it

2. when in doubt KISS- keep it simple Sistah!

3. draw inspiration from standard formations to help spice your ideas

4. keep your dance movements simple- you don’t need crazy long combinations or choreography to make it fun

Remember to download and save right away, you have 3 downloads!

Dance with passion!



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