Gypsy Caravan Online Class #7- Earthy Walks and Stomps!



Paulette Rees-Denis’ and

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance™  Online Classes

Class #7… Earthy Walks and Stomps

 With dancers Paulette, Carol Vance, Karen Hunt, and Gina Lee

            Using different walks to travel and use the space, rooted and grounded moves, with that powerful folkloric styling, all levels… enjoy and get that Tribal feel! about 16 minutes of earthy love…

We love these short classes full of tribal goodness, with instruction and drilling for you and your dance partners to use over and over again to get the steps and transitions down, and add to your own fabulous tribal styled dance. Some new steps, some refinement, drill away and get your tribal on!

  1. Tunisian Walk
  1. The Stomp (with tribal hands) 
  1. Spanish Walk
  1. Dulci’s Walk
  1. The Touch down
  1. The Berber Stomp
  1. The Bedouin Stomp
  1. Amel’s Turkish
  • ** Drilling!
  • A little Takseem with snake arms, and maya with up/down arms to start! Follow along in our rotating circle as we drill these moves and switch leaders…you’ll see even we make mistakes in class. We also add a few other steps for transitions. Just follow along, fall in if you lose the step or your beat, and keep on drilling without us too. Get these moves in your body and your muscle memory, so they can flow with your growing repertoire of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ steps!
  • Please note that you may only download this video twice on your personal computers for your personal use…Thank you!

copyright 2014, Paulette Rees-Denis

Thanks for Gypsy Caravan music, Revolving Door and Basket Dance…available for download on our website!

filmed at Moxie Studio, 2014

Thanks to Jeff Rees for assistance…



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