Free and Flow Veil, with Allie, Part 1 and 2- The Gathering – 2022



Free and Flow Veil with Master Teacher, Allie Joseph

The Gathering 2022

In this free flow workshop Allie teaches you some of the most basic veil work you

can add to your dance and learn how to be free & flow. Veil work is an extension of

you and your body and movement. It is important to be gentle and breathe and flow through the movement.

  • What you need: a silk veil of at least 3 yards, or any lightweight material
  • We will be warming up for prepping for veil work in the upper body, spine and arms

Music used:

  • Chifitelli –Gypsy Caravan –Caravan Rhythms
  • Soaring Gait –Gypsy Caravan –Remarkably Remixed
  • Basket Dance –Gypsy Caravan –Awakening

Movement Vocabulary

  • Princess Walk for entrance arms held high in High V formations strong legs pointing toes.
  • 4 step turn to turn into your own little circle veil held high V formation.
  • Flicks with the wrist as if flicking something off your fingers.
  • Sweeps side to side motion arching the veil right to left — with strong legs
  • Flips front to back and back to front nice strong arms. Watch position of hands, being careful not to bend arms.
  • Spirals moving veil around the body. Keep it flowing and fluid.
  • Turns with veil on shoulder –this is nice to do before the cyclone! Do not forget to spot!
  • Cyclone — this is so fun and uses your whole body. Using strong arms, keep head in line with your spine as you start bringing the veil forward,  bend in knees and coming back up with straightened knees.
  • Angled turn arms at a diagonal– use a 4 step turn veil is in front of body and looking over your shoulder gives nice definition.



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